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List of Beaches in Doha – The Best of Qatar Beach Life

Qatar boasts a coastal stretch of over 563kms. This means that beach lovers have a lot to look forward to and indeed the place offers an abundance of gorgeous beaches and excellent facilities.


Al Ghariya Beach

This was once the desert camp for one of Qatar's scouting movements. Today it is one of the most popular beaches for weekend campers who enjoy the perks of beach resorts. To the north of Al Ghariya is a lovely stretch of sandy beach.


Khor Al Adaid

Before we go on with this beach it must be noted that Qatar is a Muslim nation and although Doha is listed as a cosmopolitan tourist hub one must be mindful and respect Islamic culture and laws when dressing for the beach. Getting on to Khor Al Adaid it is an inland stretch of sea that occupies the southern quarter of the country and well worth the trip from Doha. The beach shares part of its shore with Saudi Arabia and requires the power of a 4X4 vehicle to navigate; quite the thrill and ideal day trip from your Doha hotel. There are plenty of tour operators who organise day trips to this beach which should be navigated by experienced drivers only. If you are unsure of the area and have no friends to ask for help Doha hotel packages such as the 'beach access package' as offered by Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels may be helpful for exploring the coastal areas of Doha.


Ras Abrouq

This beach is 70kms from Doha and located along a stretch of road that crosses a wild deer reserve as well as a rustic village that looks isolated. The village of course is a prop built for a movie set. Apart from these quirky attractions the drive to the beach is inspired by stunning views across a crescent shaped bay outlined by a boulder strewn backdrop.



This place is also called the 'French Beach' and '42km Beach'. The place is 80kms from Doha and excellent for swimming. The sand though is quite fine and does not allow one to pitch tents. But apart for camping the place is fabulous for swimming and enjoying a relaxing picnic with the entire family - Just another good excuse for planning day excursions from your Doha resort.



This beach is a must visit if you are a nature lover; take along the cameras for the place is popular for its rugged scenery. Fuwairit is famous for its eroded hills that congregate at the water's edge; quite an unusual sight. Take along a good picnic lunch for there are lots of beautiful coves and hidden bays along the sandy beaches. Ideal for relaxing and spending an idyllic day at the seaside Fuwairit is just 88kms from Doha.

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