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Things to Bring for your Bali Tour – Be Prepared for it All

Bali is not just sun sand and surf. It's a hip party central, a lush countryside to explore and yes a fabulous beach destination. So what do you pack? The basic essentials of course; do read on.


Pack a Few Knock Out Outfits

Bali is a beach destination and yes you need to take along some good swimwear but the place is also a pretty modern party central, graced by an international crowd that do know a thing or two about fashion. So be smart and pack about two or three chic evening outfits that are not too fussy and a bit tropical. You will be glad you did so when you hit that party almost every night amongst a very cosmopolitan crowd.


Practical Clothes are Necessary

Do pack some basic clothes. Whatever you have been wearing in the past month would be fine; make sure it's in line with fashion trends while being comfortable and light. Three outfits would suffice. Most tourists in Bali end up travelling on scooter and sunburns can be quite nasty; avoid this by taking along a long sleeved top that you can wear over anything.


Plenty of Sunscreen

Take your favourite brand of sunscreen in large quantities. The sun burns are pretty severe if not addressed with care. You will need sunscreen with SPF 30 or more and remember to use plenty liberally. It's best to take along enough since sunscreen can be quite expensive in Bali.


Pack Smart Swimwear

By smart swimwear we mean of course a swimsuit for swimming in and one for looking absolutely fabulous. Especially beach areas like Uluwatu home to Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort is littered with ritzy villas and luxury resorts housing an equally elegant clientele. As such you need a swimsuit for blending in and looking stylish. Of course one cannot resist the excellent surf and you need a practical swimsuit for swimming, surfing and all other activities you will indulge in.


Learn the Culture

It's important to know a few local phrases; for instance, terima kasih translates to 'thank you' while bagus says 'good'. Simple everyday phrases will be of immense help in getting things done. You can also get knowledgeable about Balinese culture; consider leaving your comfy Seminyak hotel in Bali and heading over to Uluwatu temple for Kecak dance performances at sunset. Beautiful to observe the temple vicinity if well serviced by excellent eateries for some dinner afterwards.


Get a Map

You may have GPS on your phone but it would be extremely helpful to have a map of the area at hand. Purchase one from Periplus which is the neighbourhood bookstore. Even with GPS, the winding roads of Bali can be quite confusing and a detailed map of the area will prove to be an excellent companion.