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Updated by vitamonkproducts on May 03, 2017
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5 Reasons to Add Natural Health Supplements to your Day

Taking vitamins, getting enough exercise, sleeping right, and eating healthy are all great ways to keep your body in top shape. However, is it enough to keep you running on all cylinders? Are you performing to your best ability, or would a natural boost help you out?

This is where natural supplements can be an addition to your daily routine. Take a look at some reasons to consider natural supplements.


Our soil is not as nutrient rich as it should be.

Through the use of fertilizers, the nutrients in our soil are actually depleting over time. This means that the plants and root veggies you’re consuming may not contain all the good vitamins and minerals that you’re hoping. Without these in the soil, the plant suffers, and when you consume the food, you suffer as well!


Your body may not absorb all the nutrients you’re eating.

As we age, our body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from our food decreases. Supplements can help make up for those essentials that you aren’t getting from your food intake, and help you to keep your calorie count down by not requiring you to eat more nutrient rich food.


Harvesting, shipping, storage and commercial processing all have lasting effects on the nutrient content in our food.

Since everything is done in mass quantities and stored for long periods of time, nutrients decrease from our food through each step of the process. The longer the process takes to get the food on your table, the less nutrients you are receiving. Unless you’re eating an incredibly fresh plant – you probably aren’t getting all of the promised nutrients from your food.


Herbicides, chemicals and pesticides degrade your immune system.

It’s no secret that these things aren’t good for humans to consume. Add in chemicals in our water, environmental factors, and our food nutrients get lower and lower, just based on how they’re grown.


Exercise can actually increase your need for more nutrients.

While exercise is obviously good for a balanced life, the more you exercise, the more nutrients you burn, and the more you need to replenish your body’s supply. Supplements can come in handy to help bridge those gaps caused by a healthy lifestyle.

From the points listed above,we need supplements in our diets for a number of reasons, and VitaMonkhealth products may have the right natural health solution for you. Visit us online to learn more about our supplements today.