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Favourite Foods to Eat in Paris – Essential Eats in Paris

The beautiful city of Paris is one of the culinary capitals of the world, and there is a range of essential dishes to sample at least once if you find yourself in this iconic city.



Although these can be commonly found anywhere in the world, you will never find a baguette as good as the ones available at their very source. The definition of a baguette is specific to the point of almost being sacred. In France, no ordinary long-bread can be referred to as a baguette. There's a wide range of artisan bakeries in France that produce all kinds of baguettes with unique flavours, so be sure to sample as many varieties as you can.



Another Parisian staple that has garnered international fame is the croquet monsieur, which is a delicious snack that usually consists of a boiled-ham sandwich that has been grilled and topped with melted cheese. If you're feeling particularly hungry you can order a Croque-Madame which is the same thing topped with a fried egg.


Duck Confit

This is one of the most celebrated dishes in France and if you ever find yourself in the country you should definitely sample this historical and culturally significant dish. It is bound to be a feature in many France Tour Packages. If you're interested in trying this out, be sure to check with many tour providers such as Easy Go Shuttle. The process of preparing Duck Confit takes more than a day since the meat needs to be cured, the slowly cooked in its own fat for a duration lasting between four to ten hours. The dish will almost always come accompanied with slices of potatoes that have been fried duck fat as well.



Every year, France consumes more than two million of these. That is well in excess of all the fast-food burgers that are consumed by the country as well. Despite the sophisticated-sounding French name, this is a simple sandwich that consists of French bread that has been split, buttered and filled with a generous amount of ham. It is available anywhere from cafes to bakeries and is designed for city-slickers who prefer to eat on the move.



This is another French dish that has taken the world by storm, leaving few people aware that the concept was born in the city of Paris. These intricate pastries, consists of two round meringue halves held together by a cream filling much like a cream biscuit. If you're in Paris, ignore any factory-produced macaroons and head to the various bakeries that produce ingenious and exquisite varieties of this popular concept. These two-bite delights come in a kaleidoscope of colours with just as many flavours so be sure to indulge in as many varieties as you can during your Parisian adventure.


Street Crepes

These unique culinary creations are available at various stands located along streets and street-corners. Some of them prepare crepes to order while others prepare them in advance, be sure to find those that operate in the prior fashion. There are so many fillings and varieties to sample, from classic ones such as butter and sugar, to various savoury crepes, to even sweet and indulgent ones featuring ingredients such as Nutella and salted caramel.