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Updated by Texas Global Soccer Academy on May 02, 2017
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Texas Global Soccer Academy

Texas Global Soccer Academy conducts Soccer Camps, Private Coaching and Soccer Athletic Training in Garland, Texas.

Go Online with Texas Global Soccer Academy!

As a growing community of soccer players in Texas, we bring to you the Texas Global Soccer Academy experience without even having to leave home. With the latest trend and development in our technology, you can now reach us by going online and experiencing the services of the academy through visiting our website page which is In our website, you can do a lot of things you have never imagined which are: — Read More

9 Reasons Why a Texas Global Soccer Academy Coach is best For You

As a professional and capable school for the athletes who are into soccer, we have with us the finest team of coaches who are willing to lend you a helping hand in all your soccer needs. But did you know that Soccer Coaching in the academy requires a lot of requirements before acceptance? — Read More

All Things You Need to Know about Soccer Coaching

In every sport, a team needs a coach. This is no different in soccer. Soccer Coaching is making decisions about how a team plays in soccer and training and teaching the team in order to improve during, before or after a match. It does not have to be a team coaching. Sometimes, a soccer coach can train and teach a single player. It is called private Soccer Coaching. — Read More

Why make Texas Global Soccer Academy your choice

Choosing the best soccer school can become a struggle most especially when you are given a lot of options and services to choose from.

Here at Texas Global Soccer Academy, we gleefully accept beginner or professional soccer players out there who are willing to take part of our specialized and up-to-date training program to the best we can offer. But there are hundreds of soccer schools out there who are claiming to have the most excellent soccer curriculum yet. What makes Texas Global Soccer Academy special? Why should you choose us over the other soccer schools around? — Read More

What to Look for in Soccer Camps

Who doesn’t know what Soccer is? Soccer is the most popular sports in the country and there isn’t any person in your neighbourhood who will have no idea what soccer is all about. Probably, everybody knows how to play it too. — Read More

Start Young, Succeed Early

As the cliché goes, “Practice makes perfect.” The more you practice, the bigger the chance that you’ll get to the big leagues. Hence, we encourage many younger kids to start their soccer “career” as early as possible. — Read More

Your goal is Our Goal

Other people say that there are dreams which are impossible to achieve. Dreams like being a Hollywood singer, world-class dancer, NBA player, or being an international champion soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonel Messi. But haven’t they thought that those who have already earned those big names and places also started with just their big dream with them? — Read More

Mark Cuban has taken ownership in the Professional Futsal League

The love of the beautiful game might end in having a new Futsal franchise in Dallas someday just as Seattle has earned a spot to start in the League next year. — Read More

Gianni Infantino has been elected President of FIFA

Gianni Infantino has been elected President of FIFA, defeating his closest rival Sheikh Salman after a second ballot in Zurich. This is a monumental event I think because the United States chance of hosting the 2026 World Cup now is in the mix of the Global Soccer Talk. — Read More

3 Things You Should Know About Texas Global Soccer Academy

We are an online soccer academy dedicated to giving you superlative training so you can learn to be an excellent player. We have a wide range of programs and activities to help you boost your athleticism. — Read More

How to know when your kids should begin their soccer training

Being a kid also means being a dreamer. Your childhood was when you dreamt of being a superhero, a doctor, a teacher, a zookeeper, or even an athlete. The point is, there were infinite possibilities. Hence, if your child wants to keep playing soccer, you should know when it will be time for him/her to receive training. — Read More

Our soccer camps can help you reach your goals!

Do you like playing soccer? Is it a dream of yours to be a professional athlete? Well, you’ve come to the best place because we can provide you with the training and instruction that you seek. soccer academy in Guthrie Rd Garland TX aims to teach young people how to play the sport and how to use their abilities deftly. — Read More

Camps and Academies – Soccer America

Soccer camps and academies in Soccer America.

How sports Training Programs Are Helpful To Young Athletes

When it comes to soccer, it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re dedicated to the sport, then you should keep playing. And if you don’t know how to play or anything about soccer at all, you can rely on us to teach you everything you need to know. — Read More

Soccer Safety 101: Before Taking The Field

It is important to be in good shape before you come into the soccer season. It helps you become a better player and prevent injuries. You can start by working out and eating right, just a few months before the season is set to begin. Condition your body by getting a regular exercise and eating a healthy diet year-round. Building these habits will make you be in good shape for the season to kick in. — Read More


Playing competitive sports often require a lot of hard work and practice. Are you nervous about your first season in the league? Don’t be!

In our soccer academy in Guthrie Rd Garland TX, we teach kids some methods in how to get ready for the sports season. Here are some ways that soccer players like you can be at ease and make sure you are ready for the first day of the sports season: — Read More

Soccer Safety 101: Gear Guidelines

For a lot of good reason, soccer is said to be the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is easy to learn even for players at a young age. It is a great tool in exercising those muscles too. Plus, it is a very exciting, fast-paced, fun-filled game that can be enjoyed when played. — Read More


Proper development of this particular soccer skill can heighten your child’s number of goals and passes in this season. Honing the skill may take a lot of repetition to develop, but the good thing about developing it is that parents – like you – can directly teach it! Build soccer relationships with your child through teaching an important skill he or she will soon be thankful for. — Read More

3 Amazing Benefits of Sports

Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you dream to become a professional athlete someday? Well, to equip you with the right skills and trainings to fully develop your potential, you will need a lot of practice and professional help. Today, numerous sports clinic and sports academy have emerged due to the increasing need of sports education. — Read More

Why Should You Enroll in a Soccer Academy

Are you interested in playing soccer? Are you a soccer player perhaps in your school or in a national team? Well, if you are a player, have you ever heard of a soccer academy? Maybe yes, but for some this might be quite novel to them. One can only imagine what is being taught in a soccer academy. — Read More

5 Effective Strategies in Preparation for the Sports Season

For parents, you do not want to get your child get stuck in muscle pain or high fever from exhaustion. Getting into a soccer academy in Guthrie Rd Garland TX is also challenge for your players as the sports season hastily approaches. Texas Global Soccer Academy gives you tour top 5 of the most effective strategies that you can do to prepare for the summer season. — Read More

Why Kids Are Encouraged to be Sporty

Sports have a lot of benefits especially when you start young. From physical to mental health, sports allow children to enhance them in more social way. Institutions like Texas Global Soccer Academy, a soccer academy in Guthrie Rd Garland TX, help children to improve their sports skills specialized in soccer. We give you the best reasons why children are encouraged to be sporty. — Read More

Ways to Raise an Athletic Child

The earlier you expose your child to the advantages of staying fit and being physically active, the better you can teach them about the importance of taking care of his own body. This is why you should consider doing the following ways to make sure that your son or daughter grows athletic and healthy: — Read More

Making the Summer Season More Productive for Your Kids

Summer can be a perfect season to spend more quality time with your children and teaching them about new activities that they may not usually experience at school. So, if you are now in the process of planning fun summer endeavors for your little ones, here are some helpful ideas: — Read More

Soccer Rules 101: The Field of Play and the Ball

Soccer is one of the most played sports in the United States of America having over 13 million Americans playing it. Do you want to be one of the 13 million? If so, that is good news for the sports has gained interest in the states and there have been a lot of soccer academies founded just to help make potential soccer players gain a name in the growing sports. — Read More

  • Our Mission
    Here at Texas Global Soccer Academy, our aim is to give all soccer players age-appropriate training that they are unable to achieve on their own or from their club teams. Players receive quality soccer coaching instruction from USSF ‘A’ licensed coaches and professional staff. We provide a well-balanced curriculum where we focus on the fundamentals of the game, emphasize proper technique, and teach positional demands. We incorporate fun activities and simulate match-condition games that our players truly enjoy.

    Why Join TGSA?
    Texas Global has a reputation of producing technically sound and tactically superior players through our One-on-One Soccer Private Coaching and Soccer Skill Camps. We offer the global instruction from USSF ‘A’ license coaches and professional staff.

    Do I have to leave my team to join TGSA?
    No. You don’t have to leave your team. Texas Global Soccer Academy does not have teams and only specializes on soccer coaching for individuals. If you are looking for a place to keep refining your game with a soccer private coach, then this is for you.

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