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Headline for Sightseeing in Liwa, Abu Dhabi - The Greenest Spots of a Celebrated Oasis
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Sightseeing in Liwa, Abu Dhabi - The Greenest Spots of a Celebrated Oasis

Attractions in Abu Dhabi and in most of the popular Middle Eastern destinations revolve around more than nature; they are about technology, architecture, and development.


Emirates National Auto Museum

Emirates National Auto Museum, or the Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum, is one of the most popular places in Abu Dhabi that celebrates its well known automotive culture. It is located down the road that leads to Hameem and is about 22km from the E11. The most interesting aspect of the museum is that it houses not just vehicles made in Abu Dhabi or the Middle East, but vehicles from all over the world. Its collection reaches over 200 vehicles and spans over two centuries. Some of its most iconic pieces include the yellow cab from New York city and an 1890 Ford.

As interesting as the museum is, it is not completely open to the public. Entrance depends on the availability and the day. However, it is worth going over and inquiring about as the chances are that you will be allowed in for a ticket of 50Dh.


Liwa Forts

Liwa Forts are an essential part of Abu Dhabi history. Forts are usually built to protect something they hold important, often the royalty. In a country that is located in the middle of a desert, nothing is as valuable as water. Thus, the Liwa Forts were built by the tribes who had made Liwa their home in order to protect their wells and springs from enemy tribes. These Forts are about four in number and are located about half an hour away from most of the popular resorts like Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara so travelling to and fro won't be much of a hassle. These four Forts are Jabbana Fort, Al Hamily House, Mexxaira's Fort, and Qutuf Fort. The most important feature of these Forts, to a visitor, is the architecture. The walls are made of mud bricks and straw, a true architectural phenomenon considering their age.


Moreb Dune

Celebrated in art and literature as being among the tallest dunes surrounding the Liwa oasis, the Moreb dune is well worth a visit. It is approximated to be about 220m from the sea level and is located in the Southwest of Mezariaa. While you can drive your own vehicle through the dune, it is recommended that you look for a desert worthy vehicles along with a driver for safety reasons. Many a 5 star hotel in Abu Dhabi arranges vehicles to explore the desert, so this should not be a difficult task. In addition to the spectacular landscapes created by a fiery setting Sun, the Moreb dune is also known for one of the locations of UAE desert challenge. If your visit falls between 1st and 6th January, make sure you check out the 4x4 event that the Moreb dune is infamous for.


Mezairaa Town

Although small and limited in options, especially when compared to the larger cities in Abu Dhabi, the town of Mezairaa is the heart of the Liwa oasis. It has all the essentials including a pharmacy and a police station. While there is a small mall here, the range is limited and is often closed on Fridays.

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