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Birds in Maldives – Feathered Wonders

The Maldives as an archipelago of tiny islands does not have much wildlife; although the country is favoured by migratory birds and aquatic species. Listed below are some popular varieties.


The Common Buzzard

Belonging to the Accipitridae family this species is classified as buteo. This is a medium sized bird of prey which shows a varied plumage of brownish hues. The average size of the Common Buzzard is 46 to 58cms while it has a wing span of around 130cms. It prefers an open country habitat that's in close proximity to urban areas. Apart for Maldives it's spotted across the African continent and Asia.


The Marsh Harrier

This medium sized bird of prey has a brownish plumage and is from the sub-family 'circus'. It has black tipped wings and buff streaked under side with yellow legs. The average size of this bird is 43 to 55cms. Open wet areas are its preferred habitat.


The Osprey

This bird belongs to the Haliaetus species; it is a medium sized bird of prey that has a brownish or whitish under side. It can be identified by its whitish head and eyes outlined in black. It has long narrow wings with just four fingers. The wing span is between 152 to 167cms with the average size of the bird ranging between 52 to 60cms. It prefers a habitat of wetlands located close to lakes and the coast; hence private islands like Velingadu home to Anantara Veli Maldives Resort are probably locales you are likely to spot the bird.


The Eurasian Teal

This is a medium sized bird that has a plumage of grey and a chestnut coloured head; made elaborate with a dark green streak on the top. The males have thin white stripes along the lower part of the eyes and are indeed a beautiful sight. The average size of this bird is around 36cms and its preferred habitats are wetlands. Remember there are some adult only resorts on the archipelago where serious bird watchers can indulge in the sport unhindered by the general commotions caused at family resorts. A luxurious water bungalow Maldives island style would be the ideal setting for observing these aquatic birds.


The Tufted Duck

The Tufted Duck belongs to the fuligula species. It is a medium sized bird with black and white plumage. The bird is identified by its large black head marked with a small crest. It has white flanks and a greyish bill. Average size is 40 to 47cms. It prefers a habitat of wetlands and areas close to the coast.


Lesser Whistling Duck

Belonging to the species 'Javanica' the Lesser Whistling Duck is a chestnut coloured bird with dark brown wings, a reddish brown tail and dark brown crown. It's about 41cms in size and lives in habitats made up of wetlands and grasslands. South Asians countries are its preferred habitats.