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Things to Remember When Going On a Spa Retreat -How to Chill in Style

After all those hectic deadlines you've finally decided to give yourself a much-needed break. If this 'break' is a lavish spa retreat you're in for a treat! Need any tips? Here's how to spa in style!


Book a Treatment That Suits You

Pick a treatment that suits your body and your budget. First, decide on a budget, and then check online for spas in your area that fits the budget. If you're going all out and travelling to a spa in a fancy hotel somewhere exotic, check for special offers. For example, if this spa vacation is one you're going with your new hubby there is a spa hotel in Tioman Island by the name of Berjaya Tioman Resort Malaysia that might match your requirements with their romance spa package. If you're going with your girlfriends you need to make sure all of them are cool with the plan.
Solo spa vacay? That's the best! Why? Cause then you're at complete liberty to choose whatever spa treatment you want. Of course, make sure this fits your body's requirements as we said earlier. Let's say you're going for an Ayurvedic treatment for example. According to this ancient healing art, there are 3 doshas or types of energy that make up one's body. So, the Ayurveda physician will check your dosha and prescribe the one that best suits.


What to Wear?

This is a frequently asked question. What you need to know when packing your wardrobe for the spa vacay is that comfort and practicality should be the 2 main points. Of course, pack a few eye-catching dresses and rompers for those gorgeous Instagram pics! The main theme of this vacation is to chill, so make sure the clothes you pack give you the maximum comfort and ease to do that. Cute t-shirts, skinnies, short shorts, yoga pants and those super comfy elephant pants are some of these. However, check with the official site of the resort you're staying at if they have a special dress code.
Now, the biggest question some have is "Do I have to go naked for the spa treatment?" This depends on the country you're travelling to. In many of the resorts in the UK for instance, any nudity outside the privacy of your room is banned. But this doesn't apply to some of the more exotic of locations. There are also some spas that give disposable paper underwear for both hygiene and modesty.


Will I Be Put On A Special Diet?

If the spa resort you're staying at is serious about its treatments, yes, you will be put on a special diet. This diet will be specially crafted to suit the requirements of your body as well as the treatment you're following. Let's take Ayurveda as an example again. There are some Ayurvedic treatments that last up to 1-2 weeks and during this time you will be prescribed to follow a diet that contains specific herbs, vegetables, and fruits that will help you in your healing process.


When Should I Not Go On a Spa Vacation?

This is something that women who are pregnant are very concerned about. If you're going to a spa vacation during the first trimester, you should avoid a lot of things from the Jacuzzi to the steam room, sauna, aromatherapy and any sort of therapy that applies pressure to the stomach. Opt for more gentle treatments during this time such as manicures, pedicures, head massages and facials. If you're over the first thirteen weeks, you can branch out into other treatments but not without consulting your doctor.
You should also consult your doctor if you're going to the spa after being severely ill, after having a surgery or still under some sort of medication. Some of the ingredients used in spa treatments can react with the medicine. Also, if you currently have or have undergone cancer treatment, make sure to mention it to your spa prior to arrival because some spas are reluctant to treat cancer patients.

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