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Headline for Improve your Golf with these 10 Tips – Enjoy the Popular Game
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Improve your Golf with these 10 Tips – Enjoy the Popular Game

Golf is enjoyed by a wide audience. A sport that one can pursue even on holiday, it's an activity to enjoy across the globe; therefore improving your skills will prove to be invaluable.


Get the Right Grip Pressure

This is a serious issue amongst many golfers; grip pressure and arm tension seems to be a problem. So how do you maintain a comfortable balance? Look at it on a scale of 1 to 10; you should be gripping the club at a level of 3. Remember golf is not a game to play under lots of tension; the balance must be just right as relaxing too much can also be detrimental to your game.


Proper Posture is Important

Set up or proper posture is very important for the right swing. Most students complain of their swing being off and in most cases this is attributed to the wrong posture. Your back must be straight in order to have proper trunk rotation and a successful swing.


Get your Alignment Right

Having proper alignment is very import; in order to get this make sure your feet are in line parallel to the target line. After this check that your shoulders, hips and knees are all parallel to your feet. There are so many fabulous locations like the golf courses in Malaysia to enjoy this pleasurable game that getting techniques right only enhances the experience.


Tempo and Balance is a fine Amalgamation

Tempo and balance should be in sync; having the proper tempo automatically creates good balance. The end result is an excellent swing with the proper balance. The results will always be good from a well-balanced swing than a shot that has you going off poise.


Aggressive Swings at Moderate Targets Work

This is a guaranteed rule to follow; make an aggressive swing at a conservative goal. It's a failsafe gesture that works in most instances.


Swing to Not Hit

An amateur golfer will 'hit' the ball. Instead of this swing to not hit the ball but for your club to glide right through it; yes, this is a metaphoric phrase but one that when understood and practised correctly offers you a very picturesque finish.


Never Keep Your Head Down

Check where your head is once you have completed your swing; you should be looking at the target and not down. Remember to keep your head up through the swing and allow your body to rotate with the target.


Tips to Cut Strokes

Seventy percent of your practise swings must be within 50 yards of the pin. Although it is not a whole lot of fun to practise, this way the practise ensures your game is completed with the minimum strokes.


Take along an Extra Club

Don't feel ashamed; take an extra club and use it to practise up to 80% of the time you will be on the green. This humble gesture will make sure your balance improves thereby improving your overall game.


Relax and Loosen Up Before the Game

First loosen up your body to avoid muscular tension and injury. Secondly loosen up and swing some practise shots, this will help you get the bad shots out. Places like The Els Club Malaysia are beautiful greens. Fill your senses with the surroundings and loosen up in order to reduce tension.

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