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The list is all about Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, intelligent chatbots, AI chatbots news

How chatbots and AI might impact the B2C financial services industry

While many businesses have been speedy adopters of emerging and disruptive technologies, banking and the financial services industry has been seen to lag behind.

11 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About Chatbots

Are you ready for the amazing chatbot revolution?

The Rise of Chatbots in Customer Service Across Industries 

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IT Helpdesk Bot - Acuvate

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Chatbot on Skype for Business

Chatbots are on the rise! and the future is going to be full of people talking to chatbots. The launch of the Microsoft Bot Framework provided a streamlined process for the development of bots on several such platforms.

What Potential Do Chatbots Hold For The Enterprise? - Acuvate

Over the past few years, a lot of buzz has been generated around terms such as ‘chat bots,’ ‘smart personal assistants,’ ‘artificial intelligence,’ etc. Whether it is Amazon’s ‘ Alexa ‘ or Apple’s ‘Siri’ or google’s ‘Assistant,’ all  major companies have started incorporating their own intelligent assistants for their respective businesses. Facebook has added more than 11,000 chatbots to its messenger app, since the launch of its chatbot platform in April 2016.

Chatbots Are Expected to Help Cut Business Costs in Next 5 Years |

Chatbots have quickly become the next big thing for many tech companies like Google, Facebook and even Microsoft. Facebook has really taken to chatbots and

How AI Bots Can Revolutionize Enterprise Helpdesk? - Acuvate

Computers are everywhere. Whether it’s at your home, office, bank ,hospital etc. computers have played an integral part in the smooth functioning of various activities for multiple decades now.

How to drive innovation from within the organization - Acuvate

Any business, whether it’s a startup or an SMB or an MNC can easily relate to the above quote. Over the past few decades, innovation and fresh idea generation have become a necessity. In order to sustain cut throat competition across the globe, you need to continuously come up with creative and path-breaking ideas.

A Guide to choosing an enterprise bot builder platform - Acuvate

Last year at the Microsoft build developers conference, CEO Satya Nadella delivered a three-hour keynote in which he shared his vision of the future – one that is underscored by chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Why CIOs should consider Microsoft Bot Framework to build Enterprise Bots - Acuvate

Since mid 2016, chatbots have consistently been talked about. This is especially true in the technology sector. While few feel that chatbots are inept, some believe that they will render existing apps obsolete.

Acuvate has developed a Bot Core that can be used for implementing your next conversational bot. The Bot core is enterprise ready and leverages your existing On-Premise or Azure investments.

3 Applications of Chatbots in Field Sales force - Acuvate

An advanced AI chatbot can even send push notifications and reminders about pending high priority tasks and updates all sales tasks instantly.

Why Chatbots are the Perfect fit for Mode 2 of Bimodal IT? - Acuvate

Bimodal IT or as Gartner describes it “the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration” has been the buzzword among CIOs for the last three years.

BOTs – Why Should the Enterprises bet on Them? - Acuvate

In today’s world, enterprises have extensive IT infrastructure – from multiple farms on-premise to cloud tenants with various providers, which run many internal custom-built applications and ERP surround applications. Then there are other core applications like customer portals, CRM, etc. and finally the backbone – ERP. In some cases, there are multiple ERP systems. With all these systems running independently or forcing collaboration in some cases, one doesn’t achieve the purpose of a unified system for the enterprise. There may have been attempts at defining enterprise architecture and aligning new and old systems together, but it can get complicated or rather expensive,  so much so that it outruns the advantages you would otherwise gain from unifying them.

Why Chatbots are the Perfect fit for Mode 2 of Bimodal IT? - Acuvate

Bimodal IT or as Gartner describes it “the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration” has been the buzzword among CIOs for the last three years.

Infographic: 4 Practical Applications of Bots in an Enterprise - Acuvate

4 Practical Applications of Bots in an Enterprise

Infographic: 3 Advantages of an AI Bot Powered Enterprise Helpdesk - Acuvate

3 Advantages of an AI Bot Powered Enterprise Helpdesk

Why Bots are the Boost Sales Teams Need - Acuvate

Bots are precise when handling and processing data. Unlike humans who tend to lose their edge while performing repetitive tasks, bots excel in this sphere.

How is AI Transforming Various Departments in An Enterprise? - Acuvate

The expectation from the Artificial Intelligence technology is that it solves many problems for organizations. AI allows for an enterprise to efficiently meet their customers’ demands.

22 Experts Predict How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Enterprise Workplace - Acuvate

Artificial Intelligence is new buzzword, we asked 22 Artificial Intelligence experts What is your prediction on how AI will impact the enterprise workplace?

The Future of Sales is Artificial Intelligence. Here's Why. - Acuvate

Needless to say, artificial intelligence is currently leading the conversation in the tech industry. From changing functionalities of a basic Google search to boosting adoption rates of a corporate intranet.

Enterprise AI: The Adoption Strategy & Practical Solutions - Acuvate

Even though 81% of IT leaders are currently investing in or planning to invest in AI, only 39% of all companies have an AI strategy in place.

Important use cases of AI-powered chatbots in the banking industry - Acuvate

Today’s companies are racing towards artificial intelligence to make it a big part of their digital strategy. The rise of chatbots in finance and banking sectors is the latest wave of new technologies adopted. Particularly in the banking industry, it is changing the face of the communication interface by adopting Artificial Intelligence.

Why CPG companies need AI in their Revenue Management Strategy - Acuvate

In most CPG companies, strategies are developed based on low-quality data, as knee-jerk reaction to competitor’s behavior or learnings from past experiences