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Hodgestone finance is a finance broking and consultancy firm specialising in sourcing and structuring Commercial, Development & Residential finance solutions for clients in every part of Australia.

Finance Broking & Consultancy

Hodgestone Finance is a National Finance Broking & Consultancy Firm. Hodgestone Finance specialise in structuring and securing Development funding. Hodgestone Finance offers the full range of traditional loans.

Hodgestone Finance provides different types of loan. One of them is commercial loans, it is divided in various part such as Full Doc, Low Doc, Lease Doc, Short Term Finance. Hodgestone Finance provides commercial loan to small business owneres.

Are you an owner of a low doc business and looking for financing? HODGESTONE FINANCE provides you with the best low doc business financing.

Getting proper building finance is an essential step in getting your commercial property or building development off the ground. At Hodgestone Finance we specialise in development and building finance, particularly in structuring alternative finance options like mezzanine financing.

Development Lending

Development loans are often necessary to complete large development projects. If you’re planning a construction or development project, Hodgestone Finance can help you secure the finance you need to get your development off the ground, with options to suit experienced builders or first time developers.

Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing is a middle ground between debt and equity financing. With the expert consulting, broking and structuring services of Hodgestone Finance on your side, mezzanine financing is a smart option for savvy developers.

Advantages of Low Doc Commercial Loans

In the case of low doc commercial loans, you do not need to produce your income statements and tax returns. For low doc commercial loans, you do not need to go through a lengthy documentation process, and you will get the loans within a short time.

What are Non Banking Lenders?

Non bank lenders are financial institutions other than banks, credit union or building society which offer loan products to consumers. Non- bank lenders include investment banks, mortgage brokers and more.

Advantages of Commercial Loan

The interest rate is lower when compared to other loans and usually is long-term loan, the chances for default is low and hence can maintain good credit history. With its low interest rate and long-term payment options, it is ideal for start-ups.

Get a Loan from Hodgestone Finance

At Hodgestone Finance, were Melbournes leading service for well-planned and structured loans that suit your needs. Hodgestone can ensure you get an appropriate loan in a time and cost-efficient way.

How to Select the Best Commercial Lender?

The lender who can provide a loan for a commercial property should have years of experience working in the market. The lender should have a nationwide presence as it adds more credibility and assures people that this lender has many customers who trust the lender.

Why you would need a low doc loan?

If you are into a profession, where most of your income comes in the form of cash, and it is kind of a business or freelance service, then you will certainly not be able to convince the lender that you have a stable fixed income.

What Do You Need To Know About No Doc Lending?

People with a low credit score may not be able to find a lender for the approval of a loan. In such cases No doc lending can be a good option, however; majority of borrowers are unaware about it.

Why would you avail the low doc development loan?

There is no denial to the fact that these loans are easy to avail and you can accomplish a wide variety of projects like buying your house, extending the construction and lots more.

If you need financial assistance purchasing a truck (or a fleet of trucks), the loan support of an expert consultant and broker like Hodgestone Finance can be an invaluable first step.

Features of No Doc Commercial Lending

If you have any existing loans then you need to produce the supporting documents and repayment statement to the lenders. Along with that, you need to submit deposit papers and property papers for this no doc commercial lending.

Facts You Need to Know About Bad Credit Commercial Finance

When looking for bad credit commercial finance option, you got to know the subtle difference between personal credit score and commercial credit score.

At Hodgestone Finance, we specialise in sourcing and structuring property loans for these “non-conforming” clients, utilising a wide network of bank and non-bank options to ensure you walk away with the perfect loan.

Types Of Commercial Loans That Are Available In The Financial Market

Term loans, SBA loans, Short term loans, Equipment loans, Business lines of credit these are the various types of commercial loans that are available in the financial market.

Tips to Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Loan

Take the help of an expert or a broker, Proper market research, Have a clear idea about your financial status, Consider the local real estate business, Choose the right financial institution for borrowing. these tips will help you in finding the right commercial real estate loan.

Advantages of Short Term Finance

There are various advantages of short term finance. The opportunity to increase the working capital to fulfill the primary needs. To solve the primary tasks like covering the current deficit, paying taxes, debts or wages. The flexibility of using the funds at the time of maturity.

Need an equipment loan to help pay for trucks, farm equipment, excavators, heavy machinery or other commercial equipment for your business, factory or farm? Hodgestone Finance is a consultant and broker that can help you find a competitive loan agreement for a range of equipment needs.

Things To Know About Low Doc Property Lending

The low doc property lending has a higher return than that of the traditional lending with the added factor of risk. Since, low doc property lending is a high-risk lending.

Need a loan to help pay for a new home? At Hodgestone Finance, we can provide competitive residential loans for people across Australia. Whether it’s for residential purchases, refinances or equity releases, we can provide LVR’s up to 97% and options for sole traders, people with adverse credit histories or other non-conforming loan applicants.

Advantages of Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing offers much greater flexibility in shaping the amortization schedules as well as the rules of borrowing itself, not least specifying the special conditions for repayment. Most importantly, mezzanine financing gives the business owners the capital they need to acquire another business or to expand to another production or market segment.