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Hiking Tips to Follow When You are in Oman – Ancient Land of Splendour

Ruggedly handsome environs of Oman are a treat to explore; made up of harsh looking rocky outcrops dotted with emerald green pools of water the place beckons the wanderer. Here are some hiking tips.


Always Hike in a Group

Enjoying the solitude and sleeping under a blanket of stars are the allures of hiking across the Omani wilderness but the attempt must never be made alone. If you are a tourist and new to the land make sure to book your hike via a reputed tour groups or plan the journey with a collection of experienced hiking friends. Remember the desert has a tendency to change dramatically. Plus there are benefits of hiking with others such as learning from and passing on knowledge to other hikers, the presence of aid being there in case of a sudden injury, the distribution of gear to be carried and the chance of chilling out with and getting to know new people.


Take along and Drink Plenty of Water

Carry plenty of water on your hike. Spread the load amongst fellow hikers and drink as you go along. The more water you drink the lighter the load will be. Remember you will lose lots of liquid in the muggy environment and it is important to replenish your lost fluids to avoid sudden dehydration.


Pack Plenty of Snacks

Before you leave your Oman hotel have them pack you plenty of snacks for the hike. If it is a one day hike take along sandwiches and other delicious finger food found at eateries there. Also make sure to pack plenty of energy bars that you can snack on instead of waiting to replenish your body with a big sit down meal.


Don't Plan on Eating All the Food

Take along a secret stash; meaning take along some emergency food that is not part of the regular menu. Be prepared for sudden emergencies where the hike could take longer than the stipulated period.


Practise Leaving no Carbon Foot Prints

The starkly beautiful plains and mountains of Oman are treasures to be preserved. You need to make sure you explore these areas without causing any harm to nature. Practise eco-tourism at all times. Places like the fabled Green Mountains home to Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort are places of immense historical and ecological importance and need to be preserved as such. Around the Saiq Plateau you will come across Omani luxury resorts that seem to blend in with the surroundings; emulate these and leave nature as you found it.


Leave Your Plans Knows

Before setting off on your hike make sure that someone back at your Oman resort or lodging knows your plans. If not with a friend leave your travel plans with one of the hotel staff who will know when to expect you back and which route your hike was taking.


Take along Plenty of Cover from the Sun

Make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat. Take along a good supply of sunscreen as the sun can be quite harsh out in the desert. Remember that even though the sky's maybe cloudy you are still prone to sunburn.

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