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Headline for Nature and Parks in Salalah – Experience the Magic of Nature
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Nature and Parks in Salalah – Experience the Magic of Nature

There are many stunning locations along the Dhofar Coast that promise to awe and inspire you. Around Salalah and just outside these marvels of nature are a treat to discover and explore.


Ittin Park – Lush Greenery

Ittin is just outside of Salalah a fabulous place to visit from your Salalah beach resort. Ittin Park is home to many attraction's amongst which is the Ittin Cave. The cave is located on the upper level of a picturesque mountain. There is a lovely walkway Ayn Jarziz which is the central attraction within this lush wonderland, popular for its verdant greenery. Ittin is located close to the airport and a well-liked attraction amongst visiting tourists.


Visit the Anti-Gravity Point

If you are up for some mystery head over to the Anti-Gravity Point located along the Taqah – Mirbah route. The much visited site is 27kms from Taqah. The thrill or mystery here is the fact that at this point a vehicle stopped with the gear in neutral will get pulled up the hill defying all laws of gravity. Seeing is believing folks, so add this to the itinerary.


Enjoy the Beaches of Al Baleed and Mirbat

Plan a day's drive from Salalah to Mirbat and you will be rewarded with stunning scenery along the way. The South Coast of Dhofar is home to the Al Baleed Archaeological Park, a freshwater lagoon, the ocean and Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara. Start your beach explorations from this point cocooned between sea and lagoon and look forward to exploring the archaeological park; a UNESCO Heritage Site. Later plan a drive along the coast towards Mirbat where you can view traditional dhows or fishing boats just off shore. The white sand beaches of Mirbat are quite inviting and after a leisurely stroll you can visit the charming village and beautiful Mirbat Gardens.


Check Out the Stunning Blowholes

This blowhole is found beside the scenic Mughsayl Beach. It is a natural blowhole that shoots water to heights of 30 metres as wave's crash within the underground cave. An added bonus is the picturesque misty shores and green hills that soar in the background. Just 45 minutes from Salalah this breath-taking locale is a must visit for all nature and beach lovers.


Wadi Sahalnoot – A Green Valley

Khareef season is the best time to visit this green oasis. Wadi Sahalnoot is located just 15kms from your Salalah hotel; it is a gorgeous valley blessed with an abundance of greenery. Enjoy driving along the winding roads within the valley inundated with sights of lush foliage; mind you are cautious as most of the roads have sharp bends.


Wadi Darbat – A Natural Spring

Home to a natural spring which erupts in plenty during Khareef season, Wadi Darbat has an influx of visitors during the rainy season. It is 65kms from Salalah and close to the town of Taqah. The main attraction there are the boat rides. Choose from power boats to paddle boats while barbeques on the shores and feeding the multitude of fish in the lake are quite the rage.