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Content Curation

A list of resources that will be used for my future Thinglink Project.

25 Oil Painting Techniques You Should Learn

This website focuses on various techniques that can be used when experimenting with oil painting.

I chose this for a resource because it will help students to find techniques that sound interesting to them to try out, but will also provide them a basic sense of painting with oil.

How Well Do You Know Famous Paintings?

This website tests your knowledge of famous old painters and gives a score that you can then compare with fellow classmates!

I chose this website because it provides a fun way for students to learn about past artists that have used oil paint and gives them an opportunity to see some of the techniques they used.

Observable Techniques Used & Described in the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

This website focuses on the various techniques and overall style Bob Ross has developed, and he invites you to join him in exploring new ways to create new and epic sceneries.

I chose this website because I am a firm believer that the students would enjoy watching it, as well as learn a lot from observing the way he mixes and applies paint.

Alla-Prima Technique

This website discusses various artists that have used the wet-on-wet painting technique, as well as describes common ways to implement this technique.

I chose this website because the technique seems to be very popular among oil painters so it would be beneficial for students to learn of it.


Starry Night Over the Rhone

Starry Night Over the Rhone

This image is of a Vincent Van Gogh painting with vibrant colors and textures throughout the piece.

I chose this image because it will be very beneficial for the students to visualize different textures that oil paint can have.

Glazing: Oil Painting Technique

The video helps the viewer to comprehend the glazing technique through many unique visuals and a demonstration.

I chose this video because it will help to know and understand a technique that provides colors and smoothness that not many other painting techniques offer.

Oil Painting Techniques, Tips, and Instruction

This website provides a list of articles regarding oil paint that a student can explore and become familiar with.

I chose this website because i personally drew inspiration from it, and would hop that students would see the benefits of the multiple different areas of oil paint that are being taught.

Oil Paint Brushes

This website explains the importance of different kinds of brushes such as varnish, filbert, and flat brushes.

I chose this website because it will help students to obtain knowledge of the different kinds of brushes, as well as helps show the importance in which it is best to use them.

Preparing a Canvas

This website outlines the materials needed for preparing a canvas for oil paints.

I chose this website because it will help my students to understand the process of creating and preparing a canvas.

Oil Paints - Hobby Lobby

This website displays the oil paint that Hobby Lobby has to offer.

I chose to include this website because it allows for students to explore what kind of oil paint they would like to use as well as the prices of getting started in oil paints!