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Updated by Lauren Zane on Apr 28, 2017
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Dr. Seuss and Rhymes

This is a list of resources to assist students in developing rhyming skills through technology and the works of Dr. Seuss.

This text describes what a rhyme is and gives some examples of what rhyming is. I chose it because it is a short and easy to understand description of what rhyming is. At this point, children probably won’t be able to read that confidently, so this is a happy medium of an article where the students can read most of the words, but still get the gist of what rhyming is.

This video gives a visual depiction of the Dr.Seuss book green eggs and ham. I chose this because this is a very simple rhyming book that they will probably have heard of before. It is a common book, but also really applies to my objective as well as being entertaining. It gives the students experience with rhyming words, but is also easy to watch, not too long, and engaging.

Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss Read Aloud

This is an video of a reading of the Dr.Seuss book Fox in Sox. I chose it because literature at such a young age is very important. This is a story that has a lot of rhyming in it, but is also one that I have seen children respond to well in my practicum. This book has a lot of common rhyming words that the students will probably know. In addition, I do like that the students can see the words that are being read to them as they hear it.

Frog Rhyming Game

This game is all about taking words and rhyming them with each other. I chose it because it actually gives the students the chance to apply their knowledge in a fun way that they can easily understand. In addition, it reads the words to them in case they cannot read them by themselves. It also verbally states the directions which could also be helpful.

Dr. Seuss |

This is another really great app that applies to the story that they are listening to, Fox in Sox. It is something that is easy to understand and fun to play. Really, this whole site has a lot of useful information on this topic and is really fun resource for the students to explore.

Create your own Rhyming Couplets!

This game allows students to create their own rhyming couplets. I chose this resource because it allows students to actually apply what they are learning and do it in a fun way that they can understand and comprehend.

Justin Bieber Reading The Cat In The Hat

This video is of the popular music artist Justin Bieber reading the book The Cat in the Hat. This is a good story about rhyming, but it also shows the students an interactive reading of this book. It also brings in culture and someone they are interested in as well.

Rhyming Assessment

Now, test your own knowledge with this short quiz!

Here is a photo of a few Dr. Seuss books I chose these books because I think it is important for students to see that there are many common and interesting books that can apply to rhyming and this topic in general.

Here is an alternative to the many Dr. Seuss books that we have explored today. I know Dr. Seuss is a good example of rhyming, but not all students are interested in this kind of story. Therefore, I wanted to make sure these students have books to explore as well.