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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Dec 30, 2017
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The Top Five R’s When Furnishing Your Home

I remember when I moved in with my other half, it was a super exciting time. It was a good time to get creative with what we had and decide if we needed to buy new furniture. We had to do it on a budget, however we are really pleased with the outcome. Goes to show what you can do with little!

Re-Purpose What You Have!

Pinterest really is a creative hub for DIY projects and you will be sure to find some inspiration there, it is where I found some really gorgeous re-purposing ideas. One of my favourites was turning a bed frame into an outdoor bench and making shelving units into coffee tables! However, if you think that is too much of a big job, you can always stick to easier solutions like simply using a stool as a bedside table or using old window frames and picture frames!

Or check out April Bee's amazing transformation of an unloved chair into a fairy tale furry throne!

Refresh and Redecorate

Add a zingy feel to your home and belongings with a lick of fresh paint or pretty furniture decals. You may be surprised at how a new colour can really change the feel of a room. It doesn't have to be a bright one either! Neutral tones are a popular choice for those wanting a calming and relaxing space.


Record Your Thoughts and Pieces

Record Your Thoughts and Pieces

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This is the easy part, simply write a broad list of things you need doing, belongings you already have and bits that you will need to purchase. Look out for things that can be re-purposed and spiced with a good old DIY project. This can help you save money in the long run!


Rent What You Need

Rent What You Need

Whether you have settled down in a permanent place or temporary residence – you should create a space you can relax and enjoy being in. If you know you are going to be relocating soon, borrow items or consider furniture hire to help you settle in. Also, shop around for the best deals in electronics and furniture to see where you can save money.

Re-Use What You Have

Instead of buying new things for your new place, simply use what you have. If it isn’t really broken and you don’t need a new one – stick with it a while longer. When on a budget, you need to compromise on certain things otherwise you could see your budget disappear quickly.

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