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Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc.

Health Care Agency in Miami FL - For questions and concerns, call us at 305-252-7511.

Gain Respect, Start a Promising Career with Aztek

Agencies, registries, franchises are mushrooming everywhere you go in the country these days. You click Google and you are swamped with an endless list of these types of searches. — Read More

Putting Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) in Its Own Place

One degenerative illness that has captured the attention of many people worldwide is the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more popularly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after a famous baseball player who had died of it. — Read More

3 Major Tips to Protect Yourself from Colds and Flu

Colds and flu can happen anytime and anywhere there are triggers. As for your elderly loved ones, they may usually stay at home but their homes can even still cause these illnesses since the changing seasons and weather conditions can also bring them at home. — Read More

Who Should Avoid Coffee in the Elderly?

As we grow older, the more we appreciate the serenity of a cup of coffee in the morning and another in the mid-afternoon. How about caffeinated beverages that could never go wrong with our snacks and quick binges? Yes, these have all seem to fit in easily with our daily diet. — Read More

Working Hard for Your Smiles

This is not just an offhand remark. It is backed up by some studies and researches that tend to support the health benefits of smiling. These studies suggest smiling or laughing can lower one’s heart rate and reduce stress, thereby providing better mood and increase productivity at work. — Read More

Caution: A Simple Tumble May Have Undesirable Outcome

Yes, companions from a health care provider are not just mere companions. They play significant roles in the health and well-being of the elderly. — Read More

3 Tips Towards A Healthier Skin

Just like our overall health, our skin declines with age. The skin wears down with the process of aging which means that its functions, one of which is to create a barrier from environmental irritants, also weakens. This leads to more sensitive and dry skin in elderly people. Because of all the fiasco with health care and mobility assistance, skin care can oftentimes be unheeded. Researcher, A. Davies, as cited by the Nursing Times, identified eczema, infections, infestations and pruritus as a few of the skin issues that older people experience. As children once taken care of by our elderly parents, we don’t want them to suffer such kind of problems as it only contributes more to their discomfort. To help prevent these conditions, we at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a health care center in Miami FL have listed a few tips in maintaining good skin care for your elderly loved ones. — Read More

4 Things to Remember in Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor with your elderly relative can be both relieving and nerve-wracking. Mainly because you will be receiving updates on the health condition of your loved one and we have expectations to meet. Nevertheless, we have to prepare for this visit and should, in our best capacity, be informative to the medical professional. We, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a health care center in Miami FL, know the importance and struggles of doctor’s appointments, so here we prepared a few things for you to keep in mind in going so. — Read More


We always associate our home as the safest and most comfortable place for us. We feel protected and secured whenever we stay inside our own house. But sometimes, accidents and injuries happen within the walls of our own home. The most common injury that may happen is brought about by falling. But we can always find means to minimize the occurrence of such accidents. — Read More


Kids and younger people are the ones who enjoy the most during celebrations. But actually, our elders can also take part and enjoy some activities in these events. How can we make them happy and let them enjoy special occasions? Here are a few ways: — Read More