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Updated by Gaurav Verma on Apr 28, 2017
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WordPress Tips & Tricks : A complete Guide for Blogger

WordPress is a best blogging platform. This list is learn for WordPress seo plugin, Wp best Plugin, Speed Up WordPress, Use WP correctly for Your Blog.

Hire A WordPress Expert For Proficient Use Of WordPress 4.6 Version | TechShiny

WordPress is fast expanding with so many latest changes in the framework and mechanism. So you can hire a WordPress expert to learn WP Better
WordPress is fast expanding with so many latest changes in the framework and mechanism. Recent, the new venture is revolving around WordPress 4.6. It has been defined as the second major release this year and with some new improvements and some exciting news. It can even be used for fixing various forms of bugs easily. And to use this service, it is always vital to hire a

How to optimize image for speed and SEO in WordPress - A Diy Guide - TechShiny

Every blogger uses images to look blog post more appealing. But image is very high quality. You need to optimize image for speed and SEO
The faster the better. Don’t worry, this isn’t an advertisement for automobiles or gaming processors. Though, speed is one of the parameters that define the likelihood of being accessed by users and finding a place in the market competencies. Be it supercars, mobile processors, the loading time of a mobile app and the website. A faster website gets and retains more users

How to setup WP Super Cache to Improve Blog Loading Speed - TechShiny

to improve your blog loading time, you can install and configure wp super cache to immidiately increase your blog speed.
Caching is the most important part to speed up WordPress Blog. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache both are the good caching plugin for WordPress. WP Super Cache is easy to use than W3 total Cache. So we can talk about to setup this plugin to get maximum our blog speed.Easy After installing and Activate WP Super Cache, you can click on WP Super Cache under setting tab.

What Should I Do After Installing WordPress - TechShiny

Wordpress is a first choice of blogger. You need change some wordpress setting to imrove the wordpress seo and blog speed
More than 70% of the website powered by WordPress CMS. After Installing WordPress on any hosting, you need to change the some WordPress setting for improving the SEO and blog Speed. WordPress is a most popular CMS for blogger. So you can setup WordPress correctly to get the full benefit of WordPress. Some setting available after installing Jetpack. General

How to Setup Yoast SEO : A Definitive Guide - TechShiny

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin but the setting for this plugin is the little complex. So you can set up yoast SEO properly for better seo
Yoast SEO is a best WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. When we talk about SEO Plugin, three names come to our mind that is SEOPressor, Yoast SEO, and Premium SEO Pack. Other Plugin does not need to setup because other WordPress SEOPlugin does not have advance SEO feature. Wrong Setting of This Plugin gets the negative impact on your blog. So I understand Yoast SEO completely and

How to Setup W3 Total Cache to Improve Your Blog Loading Time - TechShiny

A complete guide to setup w3 total cache for beginner and advanced user. W3TC cache has more feature if compared to other cache plugins
When we talk out about to speed up WordPress, one thing comes to our mind that is caching. In WordPress, the two Cache Plugin W3 total cache and WP Super Cache are very fast caching plugin for WordPress. But WordPress W3 total Cache plugin has more feature than WP Super Cache. If you correctly setup this plugin, then you don’t need to apply another trick to make your WordPress

Download SEOPressor for only 9$ / Month: A must have Plugin for Blogger

you can download SEOPressor for 9 $ / month to increase your search engine ranking very fast. It always works with current google algorithm
Now you can download SEOPressor for only 9$ per month. It's a very advanced SEO Plugin. With this plugin, you can take all control to your blog SEO. This plugin comes with many advanced features. After installing this plugin, you do not need to install any other plugin for image SEO, Crawler Control. You can also read SEOPressor review. I explain all the features of this

SEOPressor Review : Worth Buying Plugin for Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

This is my honest SEOPressor Review, I used SEOPressor for optimizing all blog post. SEOPressor is the best plugin for all your SEO needs
This is my honest SEOPressor Review. This Plugin is one of the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. It has a very advanced feature such as LSI Keyword, Content Decoration, image SEO and more. This plugin is Develop by SEO Expert “Daniel Ten”. SEOPressor has at least every feature that you need. Many bloggers talk about SEOPressor VS YOAST SEO because only these two WordPress

Top Ten WordPress SEO plugin to Rank Higher in All Major Search Engine | TechShiny

Wordpress Easy our SEO with some advance SEO Plugin that is out of the box. Most successful SEO Plugins is Yoast, SEOPressor, Premium SEO
Wordpress is a most advanced blogging platform. Wordpress made SEO very easy with the help of some cool SEO plugin. I already share some WordPress plugin that you like it. All WordPress plugin are out of the box. I have used many SEO plugins and I found that only some SEO plugin are good such as Yoast, SEOPressor, Premium SEO Pack and Broken Link Checker.Yoast SEO

Here is a List of Popular WordPress Plugin That is used By Professionals

WorPress is an out of the box blogging platform because of his Plugin Functionality. I share some cool WordPress Plugin that is recommended
Wordpress is a most popular blogging platform. Mostly site built with WordPress. Wordpress has a unique feature.Wordpress most popular feature is plug-in. In short WordPress plugin extend the functionality of WordPress. Many plug-in available in WordPress market. I will talk the most popular WordPress plugin that is recommended for every WordPress blog.AkismetAkismet

20 Easy Way to Speed Up WordPress Blog : Useful Tips For Blogger

You can speed up WordPress website & blog with optimizing image, use cache plugin, choose good hosting, minify and combine your CSS and JS
Wordpress is a good blogging platform used by millions. I noticed that some WordPress blog very fast and some WordPress blog very slow. I determine the reason, why WordPress blog is slower or faster. Wordpress use a database for organizing a theme, plug-in, and function. Speed up WordPress is easy with some tips and plug-in. You can easily improve WordPress performance with