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SEO : A complete Guide for Beginner and Professional

Here is som good tutorials about SEO for Beginner and Professional and Especially for Dummies.

SEMRUSH Review : Why Every blogger use this tools to grow traffic - TechShiny

When we start a blog, we need a Great SEO tool that takes care of everything in one place such as optimize the site for ranking, backlink audit, complete site analysis, compare with competitor etc. Mostly blogger faces many when they are beginners, with SEMRUSH you can easily get rid of all of your issues with SEMRUSH tools quick suggestion.What is SEMRUSH SEMRUSH has

10 Killer SEO Tips to Write a SEO Friendly Blog Post | TechShiny

By now, we have all heard of SEO optimization and we have to use it to ensure we get higher rankings in the search engines.It is even used in internet marketing campaigns.How does it help? The search engines look at several factors when deciding the ranking of your pages. SEO helps them find these factors, including links.By making your blog posts SEO

9 Proactive Method to Optimize Image for SEO - TechShiny

Mostly blogger ignores image SEO. But image SEO is really important. you can use these actionable image SEO techniques right now
Images are speaking a thousand words than text. Many professional bloggers including me use an image in every blog post to make the blog post stand out from the crowd. If you are using the image on your blog. You can optimize your image for SEO to get higher ranking in Search Engine. In WordPress, image SEO is really easy with the help of some WordPress plugin.Choose the

Use These Type of SEO Techniques to Get Better Results on Page Rank | TechShiny

every blogger needs to get better ranking. You can use these SEO techniques to ranking higher in search engine like Google & Bing
You may have included the best content and stunning graphics on your website to make it appealing to the visitors, yet you may find your website lagging behind when it comes to Google ranking. The reason here may not be the product, service, content, or design but the main reason would be the lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).SEO is not new to the website

List of Free and Premium tools to find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords are the best thing to rank on top on Google. You can easily find profitable long-tail keywords in any niche
Long tail keywords is a keyword that is long up to 65 characters and not less than 55 characters. Google display the 65 character in the search engine. Long keywords are made with the mixing of the short keyword. Long tail keywords are necessary to improve CTR (click through rate ) I explain long tail keywords wisely that will help you to choose the right keyword for your

How to Create & Alexa Widget in WordPress and Blogger by Multiple Way

Alexa widget is the best way to improve Alexa rank. You can easily insert Alexa rank in Wordpress and Blogger with Simple Script
Alexa widget is very important for a blogger. You should insert Alexa Widget on Blog to improve Alexa ranking. Mostly blogger uses many techniques to improve Alexa ranking. One of the most useful technique is Alexa rank widget. Add this widget is really simple. You can add Alexa ranking widget via script or use Alexa Rank widget plugin. Why you should add Alexa

5 Tested Way to Boost your Alexa Rank Quickly in Less Than one Month | TechShiny

Alexa Rank is considered as ranking signal. Alexa rank basically depends on traffic and backlink. You can install Alexa toolbar to improve
Alexa rank is considered as a Search engine ranking factor. Mostly advertiser uses Alexa web rankings to know the popularity of any website or blog. If your Alexa ranking is between Million to a crore. Any advertiser does not choose you to promote his content. So you need to improve your Alexa rank. You can follow some simple steps to improve your Alexa

Premium SEO Pack review: a plugin to beat Yoast SEO. It included many features to optimize your site for SEO to next level
Premium SEO Pack is great SEO plugin by code canyon. This plugin has the very advanced feature to rank on the first page of Google. This plugin is the complete package of SEO. You don’t need any additional plugin for improve on page SEO. Premium SEO pack has complete SEO feature such as optimize the image, social sharing, rich snippet, local SEO, SERP position and monitor

How to Use Google Disavow tools to Remove your Toxic or Spam Backlink

Google disavow is the best tool to remove a bad backlink.Google disavow link tool work like a charm for blogger and content marketer
Google Disavow tool is the best tool for Webmaster and blog owner. Actually, a new bee blogger made a mistake while building backlinks. A new blogger creates spammy backlinks. A spammy backlink is a solid reason to drop your ranking in Google and other major search engines. If you want to rank higher in search engine then you need to build high-quality backlinks and avoid spam

How To Find Bad Backlink and Remove it Through Google Disavow tools

Bad backlinks are the main reason to drop your ranking. You can use Google Disavow tools to remove toxic and spam backlinks
Bad backlinks are great way drop your ranking in major search engine. Backlinks are the most important factor in off page SEO. Sometimes blogger creates a spammy backlink that is a most important reason for drop ranking in Google and other most popular search engine. Basically, a bad backlink is the sitewide link, footer link, a link from the low reputed website.How to

YouTube SEO : How to Rank Your YouTube Video Higher with Video SEO | TechShiny

Youtube SEO is necessary for video marketing. I use tube buddy and vidiQ tools to to rank my video higher in search engine
YouTube SEO depends on many factors such as Title, description and tag and many other things. YouTube SEO is the very easy then blog or website SEO. For blog SEO, you need to do completely on a page SEO and off page SEO. But for YouTube, you don’t need to do off page SEO completely. For Video SEO, you need to care many things seriously because Google and YouTube do not

How to Build High Quality Backlinks without Spamming and Guest Posting

High quality backlinks without guest posting is easy. You need to follow some rule while building backlink to your blog. Is It Necessary
SEO have work on two factors such as on page and off page SEO. Off page SEO include various factors such as backlink, Page Authority, link Juice but backlinks is the most important factor in off page SEO. Without backlinks, you can’t higher in a search engine. If you do your on page SEO very well but if you don’t create a backlink. So you don’t improve your ranking. You should

On Page SEO : The Complete Guide for Blogger | TechShiny

on Page SEO is necessary to optimize your blog to rank on top in Google. You can follow latest Google algorithm to improve your ranking
SEO is a heart of any online blog or company. Many blogs created in every day but most of the blog fails because doing wrong SEO or NO SEO. SEO have two types, first is on page SEO and the second is off page SEO. SEO has many factors such as keyword density, keyword decoration, URL Structure. You can check your blog SEO by any on-page SEO tool and improve your blog ranking on

What is the Reason of Google Penalty and How to Recovery Immidiately

Mostly SEO Owner receive google penalty because of mistake on this website. Google give a penalty to many reasons. You need to find out why
Google penalty is a solid reason to lose your ranking. No doubt Google is the best search engine in the world. Google give a penalty when Google update algorithm. Google also have much more reason to penalize the website.Check Google Penalty with Free tools Mostly blogger does not check Google penalty. That cause blogger has a low traffic because Google does not show