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What to do when you're in Seychelles -Ways to have fun in the glorious tropical Sun

Things to do in Seychelles is not limited to lounging by the beach, watching the waves crash, and sipping some heavenly concoction while you laze around. There is much more.


Make slow and shy friends

If there is one thing that beaches and oceans guarantee, it is a rich marine life. This holds true for Seychelles as well, especially for Curieuse Island. Pronounced "curious island" it really is the place for the curious to wander and make friends with the giant tortoises who call the island their home. Being some of the largest tortoises found in the world, they are a true spectacle worth every bit of the entrance fee that you pay. Here you will also find Coco de Mer palm trees, which were harvested after setting fire to what was once a leper colony.


Cocktails at sunset

With such gorgeous beaches and a number of Seychelles resorts that make the most delicious cocktails, it would be a complete waste of a trip if you did not spend at least one evening by the beach watching the sunset. You may swap the cocktail to a flute of champagne or a cold beer with the moisture trickling down to the sand, but make sure that the sunset is something that you do catch – be it through the lens of a camera or with your naked eye.


Take a hike

Literally. Pack yourself a solid backpack, put on your walking shoes and make your way through the jungles and mountains of this sunny land. It might be one of the activities you did not think of doing in Seychelles, but it is definitely worth it. Some hotels like Berjaya Praslin Resort will recommend hiking trails. Alternatively, you can simply look up some of the best hiking trails online – ones that you know will match your skill level.


Explore the world's smallest capital

Mahe, the largest island of Seychelles is also home to Victoria, the smallest capital city in the world. It is well worth a visit as the things you encounter is a heady mix of the old culture of Seychelles and its colonial influence. Victoria, for example, closely resembles a British colonial city. The best way to explore Mahe would be on mopeds, although you can rent a car for the day for about 40 Euro.


Become a pirate

Seychelles has been a popular hideout for pirates ever since the activity began. This means that Seychelles was also one of their favourite places to hide their treasure. You can become a pirate for a day and walk around the golden beaches of Seychelles, diving in and out of unimaginably clear waters in an attempt to look for treasures that were hidden aeons ago. This is a popular activity among the visitors, made all the more fun by various stories and legends that surround the islands. For instance, legend has it that pirate Olivier Le Vasseur hid a treasure of 100,000 Euros in the succulent land of Seychelles that is yet to be discovered.

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