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Updated by Angelique on Mar 30, 2014
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Ask Angelique Anything Attendees!

A list of my fabulous #askangel participants!

Casey E. Palmer - @doomzTO

I'm not a blogger, I just talk a lot.

Pavel Konoplenko - @PavelNovel

Unabashed lover of #socialmedia, #hiphop, technology, and art. Big fan of passion, novelty, and ice cream. Sometimes I rhyme. Find me at

Dave Kragenbrink - @dkragen

Speaker, motivator. Helping you to succeed. Also, web designer, UX and social media advocate, card carrying geek.
For best results, do it right.

Jenn Zeller - @thesdcowgirl

Professional horseman, rancher, photographer, writer, jewelry designer, girly-girl and cowgirl to a great cowboy. Luckiest woman in the world! I am blessed.

Richard Smith - @rsmithing

Blogger, designer, hack photographer, cat wrangler. Points are mine alone & do not represent my employers/clients/cats.

Susan B. - @aFairlyMe

Freelance Social Media type. 80/20 rule. Mom. Sports. Tech. Tips. Convo. Lattes. Nutella. Quoter of quotes.

Mike Godleman - @mikegodleman

Web trainer, usability & social media advisor. BSL signer & promoter of Deaf web issues. Public speaker and chairman at conferences. Photographer and dancer.

Alex Martinez - @alexmziii

Product Marketing Manager and a powerlifting speed skater.

Ironhelix - @Ironhelix

pushing several patent apps through the USPTO to change the world of mobile advertising for the better.

Robert Ashford - @RDashford

IT Director and Social Media Manager for CSSI
Millennial in age, passionate at heart

Rufus-Jenny Triplett - @Prisonworld

EbonyMag's Couple of the Year, Radio Co-hosts & Producers, Bloggers, Speakers, Co-Authors & Marriage Tipsters for imprisoned minds.

ZenYinger - @ZenYinger

#PR #Mktg #SM devotee Passionate abt building communities 2share #ideas n drive #change.Keepin it authentic,organic n FUN! Also @zoroastrianzen @womensadvocacy

Alessia - @uponacloud

When I'm not fighting for Narnia I do strategy design and writing. I look like Amy Pond but I'm still waiting for the Doctor. @LoveIt greatest fan.

Todd Bacile - @toddbacile

E-Marketing course instructor & marketing doctoral candidate at Florida State University. I research and discuss emerging technologies used in marketing.

Diane Najm - @virtualgestures

PhotoPad,Instant Photo Sharing Fun! ~Facebook App~ Social Worker~ Ambassador To The Children Of Olive Crest! Love Beverly Hills,London,Paris&Shopping!

Connie A. VonLeitner - @ConnieImage


Leslie Anneliese - @LeslieAnneliese

Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others - Authorized Instructor of The Radiance Technique®. Meditator. Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Geoff Campbell - @GeoffBCampbell

Experienced SM Manager Seeking work in #highered #heweb #pseweb in June, 2013. PR Master's Student @newhousesu. @MountAllison alum.

EB - @EButtsCPA

Dad, husband, #MBA, #CPA, management #consultant amongst other things.

I tweet a little about a lot, and I do taxes. @ me for more!

Steve Case - @JoeBugBuster

Systems Engineer into technology, marketing, social media, and always asking What Are You Trying To Accomplish? Co-founder of #NostalgiaChat discussing Old Tech

elizabeth traub - @elizonthego

Chatty, wife, mom of 5, Business Consultant & Designer. Product & Brand Development. Creating a Path to Succeed. #savvysocialtip

John Danes, CSI, CDT - @johndanes

My name is John Danes, I'm a Door Opening Consultant with ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions (I Love Doors & Hardware) with a passion for Social Media!