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Top 5 Must Try Indonesian Dishes – The Finest in Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian food is known throughout the world for being one of the most lively and vibrant cuisines in existence, featuring exceptional flavours and visual beauty.


Ayam Penyet

This is a fairly simply yet very indulgent chicken based dish where the meat is marinated utilising a selection of traditional spices, and then deep fried. Once the meat is crisp and tender it is topped off with a spicy sambal. Traditionally it is served with steamed rice and fresh vegetables and an accompanying spicy curry or sauce. The chicken alone is delicious and substantial enough to make a snack on its own.



This concept has now taken the world by storm, with various takes on this being featured in pub menus across the globe. The original version of this involves bite-sized pieces of meat, ranging from chicken to seafood that have been coated in various spices and then placed on sticks which are in turn placed on a grill. Once they are done, the skewers are served with a hot and spicy peanut sauce and some slices of cucumber. When it comes to street-food in Indonesia, this is one of the best items to sink your teeth into.


Nasi Goreng

This wholesome dish is one of Indonesia's greatest culinary devices, and is popular in many countries that surround the nation, such as Sri Lanka. It is sure to be available in any one of the various restaurants in Seminyak as well as luxury resorts like the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort. The indulgent delicacy consists of steamed white rice that is stir fried in a wok with shrimp paste, garlic, chilli, and soy sauce and then served with a meat of one's choosing. The end result is often served along with some prawn crackers, a fried egg, and vegetables.



This is the iconic meatball soup of Indonesia, and another one of the nation's street-food staples. The concept is very similar to ramen since it is a broth with noodles and an assortment of ingredients. These ingredients commonly include tofu, eggs, fried onion pieces and sweet soy sauce. The noodles will almost always either be rice vermicelli or egg noodles. There's a fairly comprehensive variety of bakso that are available, with each of them differing in terms of taste, ingredients and the meat or substance used to make the meatballs.


Babi Guling

Many would tell you that this is absolutely the most essential Indonesian delicacy to sample if you ever find yourself in the country. It involves a whole suckling pig that has been stuffed with an assortment of spices, creating a unique filling, and then slowly roasted using a warung until the meat practically falls off the bone. Once the meat is ready, it is served on a bed of steamed rice, with a spicy accompaniment and an iconic soup. Bali is the best place to sample this incredible dish since the island has a mostly Hindhu community, while the rest of Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. If you ever find yourself in Indonesia and have a fondness for pork, be sure to try out the babi guling.