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The Role of Nurses in Psychiatry

By the turn of the 19th century, psychiatrists realized the need of nurses in caring for mentally-ill patients. Eventually, nurses started appearing in psychiatric facilities and mental institutions, with their roles expanding from time to time. Their roles can differ from basic to the advanced level of providing mental health care services in collaboration with psychiatrists. Here are some of the important roles of a nurse in a psychiatric facility: — Read More

What an Emergency Nurse Does?

Have you ever been to an emergency room or an emergency area in the hospital? Have you seen a nurse around the area? What does he/she do? Today, you will learn more about an emergency nurse’s role and how he/she can help save a life every single day. — Read More

Five Helpful Tips For Family Members To Ease Up The Burden Of Caregiving

Providing care, especially to a family member, is such a lofty job. Despite what others may think, serving your parents or grandparents is very rewarding and fulfilling. But of course, it’s not all bed of roses. There will indeed be days when you feel like giving up or when you feel like you have served them enough. And there will be a lot of those days. — Read More

Five Reasons Why Community Hospitals Should Consider Hiring Healthcare Professionals From Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Community hospitals have a very essential role to their patients and clients. They have to be the best health and medical provider there is, especially when there are no big hospitals near the area. Meaning, they should be able to provide excellent health and medical services, despite serving only a few patients at a time, unlike other major hospitals in big cities. — Read More

The Importance of Medical Secretaries

A medical administrator is vital in the health care profession. After all, they are needed for the success of the overall operation. Whether they work in hospitals, research facilities, or clinics, we can be certain that without them, the medical field will not be respected and highly regarded. — Read More

4 Reasons Why We Need More Nurses

Have you heard of the latest news about the nursing field? It is a fact that we are experiencing a shortage of nurses here in the country. And with an extremely large population, we need to make sure that the number of nurses in the society could level with the growing population. — Read More

How To Write A Healthcare Resume That Stands Out

Healthcare recruitment considers not only your experience but also your passion for your job. So, it’s important to ensure that your resume reflects how passionate you are about being a healthcare worker and why you are applying for the position. Once your resume reaches the recruiter’s hands, expect him to find particular information which verifies your qualification. For instance, include the healthcare facilities you worked in before, together with the healthcare staffing in Philadelphia you are connected with. — Read More

Healthcare Patient Care: Seeing it as your Calling

As a healthcare worker, you choose your profession because you want to make a difference in the lives of people. Your desire and ability to offer high-quality patient care is a calling. But, sometimes, you will have to deal with patients who are not in their best mood or who don’t bring out the best in you. With the stress and pressure involved in the job, you can easily make things not so right. Below are our tips for you on building a stronger relationship with your patient to ensure exceptional patient care. — Read More

Useful Tips For New Nurses

For many years, you have struggled as you studied nursing. There have been a few setbacks. Tears were shed and sacrifices were made. Sure, there were unfortunate things that happened. But now, you are about to step up the stage and claim that piece of paper you have been working hard on for many years. — Read More

What Every Employer Needs to Look for in a Nurse

Nurses are the heart of the healthcare profession. They may seem like an assistant to a fancier healthcare practitioner, but they are not just mere assistants. These professionals are the reason why the patient continues to aim for the success of their healing. Nurses bridge patients to their attending physicians and make treatment more personal and special. — Read More

The Perks of being a Life Saver

Becoming a healthcare service provider is never easy. However, having this profession makes you smarter, passionate and stronger. Even if you have finished studying or training in becoming a medical professional, it does not mean that you will stop learning. — Read More

3 Parts of the Brain that are Lethal when Damaged

We all know that the brain is the control system of the human body. Our encephalon or brain with its medulla spinalis, or spinal cord and these central nervous tissues are all constricted to function as one.

The Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Company

When you’re in a business one of your most valuable assets are your employees. They are the ones keeping your business afloat. They deal with customers, operate the machinery and maintain the level of service in your business. This is the same in all industries, especially in healthcare. Finding employees that are not only capable in their respective fields but also being very professional and accommodating to customers is such a huge task. Companies in all industries would mostly spend a lot on resources to properly finding qualified individuals for their staffing needs. ATC Healthcare Services provides Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia to help healthcare institutions filling their vacant positions. We can help you find individuals that can be part of your company and contribute to its success.

6 Advantages of being with the Right Medical Staffing Agency

Nowadays, it is common to see hospitals, assisted living facilities, and medical clinics get the services of staffing agencies. Brought by convenience and efficiency such agencies provide, the medical establishments commit fewer mistakes in hiring personnel and save a reasonable amount of money.

How to Get a Job in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry can be a difficult field to get into due to the high number of requirements and competition you need to deal with. However, it does not matter if you are looking for Healthcare Jobs, Nursing Jobs, or anything in the healthcare field because ATC Healthcare Services provides exceptional Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia. Through these services, we can help you with Nursing Employment and find a job that suits your needs and your experience level.

Here are a few of the many ways we can help you out:

The Perks of a Traveling Nurse

We can help you find many different kinds of Healthcare Jobs and Nursing Jobs. But there is one job that you may want to consider and that is becoming a traveling nurse.

The Essential Guide to Finding the Right Healthcare Employee for Your Company

Staff members play a crucial role in the healthcare field. Without sufficient manpower, a healthcare institution will not be successful, which is why workers are considered to be the most essential asset in any healthcare company.

4 Pieces of Advice to Find the Right Healthcare Staffing Agency

When choosing the right agency, the following are the things you need to consider:

How Healthcare Staffing Works for You and Your Employer!

Healthcare staffing comes to us today as a new and innovative way of connecting employers to potential applicants. Needless to say, it has become a go-to tool for many institutions to make finding and hiring employees easier. Same goes for applicants. They are now able to access multiple opportunities at one go.

How To Take Care of Your Healthcare Employees: ATC’s Operating Principles

The healthcare industry is one that requires much commitment and sacrifice from the employees and workers involved. Thus, it also takes a lot to make sure that employees remain healthy and cared for in order for them to work and function at their best. ATC Healthcare Services makes it a priority to have our agency work and operate between clients and employees in the most productive and beneficial way. Here are the operating principles we have come up with!

Beginner’s Guide: Finding the Perfect Healthcare Job for You

Are you considering a career in health care? What do you think are the possible work options available to you? There are many choices in healthcare careers which you can choose from but the qualifications for such jobs would require you more training and skills acquisition.

3 Qualities an Effective Medical Assistant Should Have

Perhaps one of the most versatile positions in the healthcare industry is the job of a Certified Medical Assistant. Their responsibilities are varied and they can work in different environments. They do not necessarily have to stay in the hospital the whole day. In fact, there are certified medical assistants who can do paperwork and take charge of medical records containing sensitive patient information.

How to Prepare for Your Dream Job

Looking for a job is very taxing for individuals who want to get their dream healthcare-related career. Landing the perfect job is very tricky. Graduating from a school with a good reputation is just the beginning. When job hunting, applicants have to sort all options and prioritize. Job seekers need to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Applying for a job is like passing an examination, you need to study. There are a few tips available on how to prepare for a job application.

How to Look for the Best Paying Nursing Jobs

When graduates finally earn their nursing degree, they start the search for places where they can apply for a job. Looking for a job can be a little tricky, one has to check not just the salary. Best paying jobs don’t just pay your bills, it also takes good care of your welfare. When looking at a job offer don’t just stick your eyes on the basic pay, check the benefits as well. Consider all factors, the type of job, the environment, the reputation of the employer, and everything else. Instantly jumping into an offer without any research often lead to early resignation, therefore, looking for another job.

The Perks of a Traveling Nurse

Becoming a traveling nurse is a rewarding experience for individuals who are not ready to put down roots. You will be given the opportunity to be a healthcare provider who can assist people throughout the country and even the world. There are many different perks associated with this job and if you are looking to help people live better lives wherever you go