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5 Romantic Things to Do in Bangkok - Turn Up the Romance!

Romance might not be the word you associate with Bangkok, the bustling capital city of Thailand; but that doesn't mean it's not romantic at all. Here are five of its most romantic things to do.


Dinner Cruise Along The Chayo Praya

What's more romantic than a dinner date? And one that includes cruising along the Chao Praya, the major river in Thailand, is all the better. While feasting on exquisite Thai gourmet food, you and your special someone can enjoy a bit of 'couple time' while feasting your eyes on the gorgeous riverside scenery. Some of this includes some of the city's major landmarks such as the Grand Palace. The success of your dinner cruise depends on the agent you book with as you do not want your dinner date to end in a disaster. Best is to book with a reputed hotel like the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel so that you're assured of a smooth ride with great food.


Couple's Massage

Thai massages are popular the world over for not just for the amazing feel you get; but also for its numerous health benefits. First off, it balances you 'qi' (energy) which promotes the overall healing of your body. It also increases the blood circulation in certain targeted areas of the body and helps with lymphatic drainage as well as digestion. So, getting a couple's massage in Bangkok should be one of your top things to do as a couple. Checking into a luxury hotel will add a touch of glamour to the whole affair as they pamper you to the core.


Get Married!

Put a ring on it and make it a cultural extravaganza! Pick a wedding hotel in Bangkok that offers Thai style weddings for foreigners. Such hotels feature packages so pick one that suits you best. Some include a traditional ceremony with Buddhist Monks while others include stunning performances. You will also get to dress in glamorous Thai bridal and groom attire made out of the finest Thai silks. However, there are more than a few legalities which you need to be aware of if planning a wedding in Bangkok. The foremost of these is to complete a 'Letter of Intent' at the embassy of your country and later translate it to Thai. You will also need to bring a few legal documents the likes of your birth certificates when you travel to Bangkok.


Cooking Classes

Food is such an amazing way to bond together as a couple whether you're eating it or making it. So, while in Bangkok learn to make the world-famous Thai cuisine. Once you're back home you can recreate the magical time you spent in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand; by relishing the exotic dishes you learned to make together. Every bite would take you back to the warm days spent in the 'City of Angels'. There are so many cooking classes in Bangkok and they will teach you how to make classic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Som Tum, Tom Yum Gung and the beloved Thai green curry.


Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is an icon of Bangkok and visiting it would be like to take a step into a palace the likes of which are mentioned in enchanting love stories. However, as it also holds the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha, it is a site of much reverence; hence refrain from showing too much affection (kissing...etc.). The palace was once the residence of the royals so it is designed in the grandest manner with beautifully decorated residences, throne halls, pagodas, murals and much more. The Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha contains within it an emerald-coloured, jade Buddha which is said to be over 2000 years old.

As we mentioned before, the Grand Palace and the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha are sacred sites so you and your partner will need to dress in an appropriate way by avoiding shorts and sleeveless tops. You will also need to take off your shoes.