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Fab Habitat Australia

Fab Habitat is about eco friendly products for your outdoor & indoor needs. These products add to your comfort while aesthetically enhancing your surroundings.


One Stop Shop for Extra Large Jute Rugs

One Stop Shop for Extra Large Jute Rugs

Extra Large Jute Rugs are developing in prevalence on account of their characteristic interest and material sensation.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Doormats

Here are a few tips of things to consider that will make it much easier to look for a Front Doormats that will work at home that you can be happy with.

Front Doormats Can Have Various Uses

Front Doormats come in all shapes and forms. It has recently been a feature of some ones homes for generations. A person might want to have in mind the sort of terrain he or your woman lives in think about a Front Door Mats.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Now-a-days the Rugs have become must for every home decor. While buying Rugs Online, there are many factors that one should consider Such as Size, color, material, price etc. However, if you are buying these outdoor rugs from the Fab habitat Australia than it will be far appropriate for your home instead of buying it from elsewhere. Buy the quality Indoor Outdoor rugs from Fab Habitat Australia and give a fine touch to your home décor.

Indoor & Outdoor OttomansFab Habitat stocks only eco-friendly ottomans that have been designed by the talent, creativ...

Fab Habitat stocks only eco-friendly ottomans that have been designed by the talent, creativity, and lifestyles of people around the world. Our ottomans are meticulously handmade by skilled artisans in India and are woven from straws made of recycled plastic. Please note, they are not bleach or iron safe. However, they are easy to clean and maintain; just give it a quick wipe with a dry or wet cloth!

Recycled Cotton Jute Rugs

we are able to meet Sydney’s interior and exterior design needs without compromising the world we live in. Fab Habitat cotton rugs can be used indoor or outdoor so you’ll be able to put the finishing touch to any area of your home.

Charismatic Kitchen Mats

We all are foodies. However, Smell and the taste of delicious food also bring the sludge on the floor while cooking it. Eventually it ruins the kitchen floor and invites many of the bacterial elements along with stains on clothes as it sticks with the people’s feet, clothes while they make the food. That is why kitchen mats has to be on the floor to resist anything that would ruins the floor. It prevents the food items and other junks to spills and splatter together with increasing the life span of tile, wooden or any cement floor. It is made of material that provide immaculate grip between surface and floor.

Acquire The Things That Your Home Needs

Jute Rugs from the fab habitat and items such indoor outdoor rugs, round jute rugs, cotton rugs are made in a way that it sustain the greater challenges of the weather and probable harmful dust that may ruin the outlook of your home as well as protecting you from getting sick. Moreover, if you are buying Outdoor Rugs from our firm then it last longer than the actual flooring because of their impeccable quality and dependability offered by us. These stunning items produce by us went through several qualities and performance tests to ensure the clients it is well made and can withstand the greater challenges from any given conditions.

Super Soft Multipurpose Laundry and Kitchen Mats

Multipurpose mats are free from heavy metals and toxins harmful to the human body and their at once antimicrobial and eco-friendly techniques effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in the products. Based on this environment-friendly technologies and know how, these mats are developed with a layer of shock absorbing foam, allowing you to enjoy the comfort while relieving your stress.

Multipurpose mats’ sensuous and aesthetic surface design and colors will add stylishness and beauty to your house. The refined patterns of luxurious artificial leather do not so much pose an obstacle to the interior design of your house as they actually bring its style and elegance to life anywhere it is applied. The surface has an antimicrobial waterproof coating, which resists stains and permits easy cleaning.

Different types of rugs, doormats and home friendly ottomans

A Jute rugs become vital to maintain the hygiene of the home and deliver the fine touch to decorate our home. Moreover, these Outdoor Rugs are produce from the vegetable fiber, which are very eco friendly as well thus; eventually the one who is buying the product is playing the important role in the environment. These round jute Rugs are very easy to maintain, as far as you are cleaning it every day and those are highly effective while using it.

Things That Maintain the Hygiene, adds comforts and Makes Home Beautiful

We buy many things in our home for various purposes. Some of them arrives in it and gets thrown in very less time. Where some of the products remain with home forever. They last long and deliver the amazing work still being lying on the floor. Here are some of those products, which have made our home more clean and have done the impeccable job in making the home décor more striking.
Beautiful home improvement items that light up our home with its magnificent present. They offer the lots of benefits as well. They deliver the same amount of effort that a carpet or the floor protecting items does.

Buy Outdoor rugs from the reliable online firm

The quality Outdoor and indoor rugs sustain the every weather conditions. Moreover, because of its robust in nature property, these indoor-outdoor rugs are exceedingly reliable than then others and can last long as well. These unique properties of the outdoor rugs have wooed the world and entice them to buy it for their home. In addition, nowadays the use of the plastic has become much more than it used to be. This is resulting to damaging the atmosphere. As the outdoor rugs are made of the natural vegetable fiber, it does not contain any plastic ingredient. Which eventually does not get wasted and turn into the junk, as it is produce from the pure natural material. Along with its many qualities, these indoor rugs can be recycled and can be use again.

Extremely comfortable and stylish rugs and mats

The indoor outdoor rugs perform the several functions and prove to be one of the important items for the home. It delivers the several benefits and resists the contamination to enter our place. Here are some of the amazing advantages to have of these items in home.

These stunning items manufactured by our firm went through several qualities and performance tests to ensure the clients it is well made and can withstand the greater challenges in any given conditions.

The distinct shape and extra large size of the rugs eventually clean the more dust from the contemporary rugs and in outlook it is no less than an absolute piece of fine art. Nowadays, the whole world is suffering from the various environment concern issues and it is widely affecting our health. Our products are made from the Eco friendly item vegetable fibers and do no harms to environment at all.

Important things to notice while buying Rugs, Mats and Ottomans..!!

Apart from performing job at home, it has the distinct significance in our life. We can say that they are irreplaceable. Items like indoor outdoor rugs, jute rugs, doormats, recycle rugs, outdoor mats, cotton rugs, along with round jute rugs will have the shades and glare in look. However, are they as effective as should be? Buyers have to be cunning before buying rugs online. We provide impeccable quality rugs online with the distinct color and striking design. Fab Habitat is among the fewest of the firm that could be your only choice to have outdoor mats, and Indoor-outdoor rugs that your home need.

Fab habitat has done numerous researches on selecting the floor protecting items with below some of the criteria in mind. Time to upgrade your skills while buying these home friendly items.

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Bring home the incredible Doormats that your home deserves..!!

Every doormat performs the several tasks and it does reflect the creative flair of the home. This is the only quality of doormats distinguishes the Home from the contemporary and add specialty to it. Removing the most part from our feet Doormats certainly prevents respiratory disease like asthma, coughs, sore throat, which are caused due to the dust. In addition, Viruses, several types of bacterial and fungal infections are also the result of dust that enters in our home. A fine quality Doormat actually resists these diseases since it prevents dust entering our homes.

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How Jute rugs makes the Home clean still attractive..!!

Jute rugs are the best companion of the home as they clean up the whole mess and enhance the interior of the place as well. It is actually a vegetable fiber that is woven in Eco Friendly way that it comes out to be the nothing but an absolute stunning textures masterpiece of art. These Rugs and mats made in a way that they are very easy to maintain, as far as you are taking care of it every day. Moreover, these rugs are compatible with the every decor you have at your home. Specially designed rugs are sometime mistaken with the Sisal rugs because of their many similarities in look.

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Explore the world of Fab Habitat Australia

Explore the world of Fab Habitat Australia. Helping homes look Fab with our range of earth friendly Indoor & Outdoor rugs, designer rugs, super soft Laundry and Kitchen mats, natural jute rugs, doormats & much more.

visit or call for a friendly service.

Fab Habitat : Outdoor Rugs, Outdoor Mats, Picnic Mats, Beach Mats and Recycled Rugs in Australia is the premier online destination for Outdoor Rugs, Outdoor Mats, Picnic Mats, Beach Mats and Recycled Rugs in Australia.

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Well Designed Rugs and Mats for Kids

Buying the Outdoor Rugs for home décor that provide the amazing touch to the home along with delivering protection against the dust, mud and many unwanted particle function is not child’s play. They come with the various design along with the different quotation that will certainly jog your skills to buy one for your home.


Well Designed Rugs and Mats for Kids

Kids Rugs and mats are very important part of our home. Moreover, while buying it one should make the every effort possible to bring the quality rugs at home. One should buy the online rugs evaluating the necessity in the home and of course having the price factor in mind before buying.


Impeccable Kitchen mats and its importance in home

Acquiring laundry mats have numerous advantages at home as well. The extremely comfortable mat consumes your stress and makes your feet very relaxed while doing laundry. There are plenty of antibacterial kitchen mats as well as laundry mats are available with the good absorption property, fabric covered surface, with the attractive design that help your home interior to shine and distinguish it from the contemporary mats. These Indoor-outdoor rugs are anti fungal as well. It will prevent the bacteria to spread in the other part of the kitchen and resist it to be contaminated. Apart from its antibacterial properties, they are anti fungal; provide grease resistance along with having an anti fatigue property as well. What more you expect from a mat?