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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Safety precautions to take when going on a desert Safari- Things to tackle before tackling the desert
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Safety precautions to take when going on a desert Safari- Things to tackle before tackling the desert

Desert safaris are a top most activity to do in the heated weather of Oman. As fun and exciting as this activity is, it is essential to take certain precautions to ensure your safety.


Play to your strengths with time

A desert safari is not like any other activity that you will undertake in Oman. These safaris could take anything between half a day tour to an overnight safari with camping in the middle of the desert that reaches unexpected levels of cold at night. During the day, though, the heat is quite high, as is to be expected. Therefore, you need to understand your own limits and strengths before deciding on a safari duration. Unlike any other activity you would encounter in Muscat sightseeing or a day's excursion to the city, you cannot return to your hotel simply because you are feeling a little under the weather. It is important for you to know how much heat you can bear, and opt for half a day tour, a full day tour, or if you think you can handle it, an overnight safari as preferred.


Seek medical attention

Have you seen notices put up near roller coasters that warn you not to take the ride if you suffer from neck or spinal issues? The movement involved in a desert safari is much more intense than even that. Especially if you are doing activities like dune bashing, or even something cultural like camel riding, it is important that you are in the peak of health to make sure that there are no health problems. Therefore, make sure that you go do a medical check-up before you go on your safari. If you have had a history of neck pains, spinal pains, blood pressure, or heart issues it is doubly important that you seek out help. It is also essential that once you return, you immediately seek help even if there is a minor problem with your body. If you happen to stay at a place like Al Falaj Hotel which has on-call medical assistance you should be better off. If not, it would be a good idea go and have a check-up soon after returning from the safari as well.


Check the vehicle

Desert safaris are undertaken in four-wheel drives that are created to tackle the terrain of a desert. You might be taking up a quad bike or a dune buggy in certain instances, both of which are – again – desert-specific vehicles. While they are made to tackle the desert, it is important that these vehicles are in optimum condition. These include things like tyres with proper grip to a strong engine. If you are taking a driver, make sure that he is highly experienced and has the required expertise to handle the desert. Desert driving is much different to regular driving and a person cannot do it without a lot of prior expertise. While almost all tour companies that do desert safaris are put under strict quality regulations, it will not hurt for you to be knowledgeable about the same and be confident in the vehicle that will carry you through the adventure.