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Choices of degrees in Sri Lanka -Different fields of undergraduate degrees

While enrolling in State universities is quite common, Sri Lanka has seen a rise of private degrees offered in a variety of fields which have been approved by the University Grants Commission.



Bachelor of Science in Accounting is one of the more popular degrees among those who wish to involve themselves in the fields of accounting and finance. Accounting being a sphere where experience is highly valued, the degrees in this field contain at least one year of interning under a Charted Accountant. It requires a lot of dedication and passion towards the field as studies continue while they are full-time occupied, and need to learn as much in class as they would have to while working.



Engineering degrees in Sri Lanka cover a vast area ranging from software engineering to civil engineering to maritime engineering. Separate institutes specialise in different fields of engineering, for instance, CINEC Campus being popular for maritime engineering although they do offer other degree courses. Engineering degrees are usually four-year degrees. While some of them such as software engineering allows for part-time studies, some others require a full-time commitment from the students. Despite the heavy workload and time commitment required, it remains one of the more popular options among the youth of the country.


Social Work

A niche field in the country, Bachelor of Social Works is a degree that was recognised by the UGC in 2005. In 2008, a Master program in the same field was approved by the UGC due to its growing importance. Being a developing third world country, a degree in social work is something that is quite practical and useful. Most of the older generation of social workers in the country are often foreign-educated or those with experience as a qualification. Thus, a degree in social work is a highly employable qualification to have for the youth in Sri Lanka.



Being a country that is largely Buddhist, and with a history of piriven studies where foreign monks were educated on the scripture, it goes without saying that Sri Lanka is a leader in Theravada Buddhist studies. A Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Leadership is offered in Sri Lanka that is often taken up by foreign students than local students. It is a good opportunity for those interested in the subject to completely immerse themselves in a country that has strains of the religion in every aspect of it, in order to gain a complete understanding of the religion and its evolution.


Business Management

Business Management is a field of study with a wide range of opportunities. It allows the student to go into different fields like Human Resource Management, Project Management, Logistics Management, and Industrial Management. With the rapid growth in the private corporate sector in the country, different specializations under Business Management has become a high demanding field with convenient access to jobs and careers. It is often the choice of many students who are undecided on which field they want to go further in, as the first couple of years of the degree program allows them to have a taste of different fields in order to understand where their passions lie.

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