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Real Estate Ownership for Expats in UAE
  1. Oil has been the main source of income in the UAE for decades together. Since of late, its focus has shifted to other industries as a source of revenue.
  2. Real Estate, among other industries is one such area of interest, deemed to be a key sector as a source of revenue in the future.
  3. A little more than a decade ago, locals were allowed to buy, sell and transfer ownership of land across the UAE.
  4. And recent changes in legal restrictions opened up avenues for foreign investment in freehold plots in investment areas across the Emirates.
  5. These changes allowed expats to purchase freehold property. However, only GCC nationals were allowed the right to the freehold title of their property.
  6. Non-GCC expats had access to invest in property in two ways: a. Usufruct, and b. Musataha.
  7. Usufruct allows expats to benefit from a property owned by a third party. Conditions restrict these owners from making any changes to the property.
  8. This type of ownership lasts for a period of 99 years and is common in the purchase of apartments.
  9. Musataha allows the buyer to benefit from the land owned by a third party. They buyer gets ownership for 50 years, which can be extended by mutual agreement.
  10. This is common in the purchase of villas and investment land. The owner has the right to sue the land for development, to sublet and to take a mortgage.
  11. Though developers advertise freehold rights to buyers, these rights are only available to non-UAE nationals who are GCC nationals. Visit to know more about Real Estate Ownership for Expats in UAE (i.e. at who are good at negotiating and can help both parties come to agreeable terms.
Door Closers Manufacturers in UAE & Types of Door Closers

i) A door closer is a device that is fixed onto a door, to close the door when it is opened. ii) Some of the different types of door closers are : • Overhead...

Types of Cable Tray Systems and Their Uses - Video Dailymotion

Types of Cable Trays and Their Applications 1. Cable trays are support systems that are used in cable management to support all kinds of cables and wires. 2. These systems are designed to support a range of cables, such as a. Power Distribution Cables, b. Internet and LAN Cables, c. Telephone Lines, d. ELV Power and Control Cables, etc. 3. There are several types of cable trays that are designed for special applications. These types include: Solid Bottom Trays, Single Rail Trays, Channel Trays, Ladder cable trays, Wire Mesh Trays, and Trough Cable Trays. 4. Solid Bottom Trays: These trays are used to conceal and protect sensitive cables and circuits like internet and control cables. These trays are fitted with a solid base and are mainly used in offices. 5. Single Rail Trays: The body of these trays consist of a single rail from which metal arms extend to support cables. These trays are used to support low voltage and power cables to allow maximum cable freedom. 6. Channel Trays: These cable trays are used in settings where conduit is undesirable. These channel trays are ideal to conceal power, network and extension cables, while allowing easy access. 7. Ladder Cable Trays: These trays resemble a ladder and are used in settings that need intermediate to long cable support. This is the most common type of cable trays used today. 8. Ladder trays offer the most ventilation and are ideal for standard use and to support cables that get heated when used. 9. Wire Mesh Trays: These support units are designed to support light cables like fiber optic cables and phone lines. These systems are field adaptable for many low voltage applications. 10. Trough Cable Trays: Trough Trays are fitted with cable supports four inches apart from each other. These trays are used to support cables with medium heat generation. 11. Cable Trays help avoid the need for electrical conduit systems and prevent the risks of an open wiring system. Visit to contact Cable Trays Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Types of Reusable Bags Used Today
  1. Reusable bags are made from natural and synthetic fabric, films or fibers. They are also stronger and more durable than disposable or single use bags. 2. Reusable…
Courier Service Providers in UAE & Courier Companies in UAE by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

Watch Courier Service Providers in UAE & Courier Companies in UAE by Sophia Taylor on Dailymotion here

5 Types of Hospital Equipment for Patients Care by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

• Hospital equipment and supplies refer to instruments which are used in hospitals and healthcare establishments.
• Wholesale dealers supply medicines and refrigerators to pharmacies and blood banks.
• There are four types of Equipment which are diagnostic, treatment, procedural and patient care.
Diagnostic Equipment
• Diagnostic Equipment are used to check vitals and examine patients.
• Some diagnostic Equipment are X- ray and MRI scanners, heart rate monitors, BP machines and ultrasound monitors.
Procedural Equipment
• Procedural Equipment are used to perform surgical procedures.
• Suction machines are used to perform emergency suction application for adults, children and infants.
• They also include consumables like bandages, surgical instruments, sanitary products and antiseptics, cleaning supplies.
Autoclave Equipment
• Autoclave is a procedural equipment which is used to sterilize surgical instruments.
• Autoclave machines use pressurized steam or hot mater to ensure hygiene and safety.
• Some examples of autoclave Equipment are water distillers, aerosol disinfectors and syringe containers.
Treatment Equipment
• Hospital treatment Equipment are also used in clinical laboratories and nursing homes.
• Some examples of treatment Equipment are medical ventilators, cardiac support and radiation therapy machines.
• Treatment Equipment also include incubators, medical thermometers ENT and Ophthalmic Equipment.
Patient Care Equipment
• These Equipment are essential for patient’s comfort and life support.
• Hospital equipment suppliers provide quality resources for the welfare of patients.
• They provide bed pans, comfortable beds, basins, hot water bags, dressing drums and sanitary ware.
Visit to contact Hospital Equipment Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Benefits of Hiring a Customer Relationship Manager - Video Dailymotion

Customer Relationship Management • Customer relationship managers strengthen the relationship between industrial owners and potential clients. • They help improve business relationships and increase profitability. • CRM also focuses on establishing relationships with service users, colleagues and suppliers. • They help your organization to find new clients and support customers thought the relationship. • They help companies attract new customers and establish new contract agreements. • They also help you retain existing customers and decrease management cost. Enhances Better Customer Service • CRM provide businesses with numerous strategic advantages. • They treat each client individually rather than a whole group. • They make each employee understand the requirements of the customers. • Managers assist organizations in adjusting the level of service according to customer’s needs. Discovering New Customers • Customer relationship managers identify potential customers. • They keep track of the existing client’s profiles to determine targeted customers. • They conduct unofficial surveys to understand customer needs. Increased Customer Revenues • CRM coordinates marketing campaigns effectively. • They make sure that the promotions don’t target customers who have purchased the products. • They introduce loyalty programs which increase customer retention ratio. Helps in Faster Marketing • CRM managers help close deals faster by dispatching customers quickly. • They provide a satisfactory response to customer enquiries. • They also maintain stock of fast moving goods and discard slow moving products. • They simplify sales and marketing process. Builds Up Effective Internal Communication • CRM managers administer in the effective sharing of customer data remotely. • They resolve minor disputes and satisfy customer’s needs. • They help establish good relationships among co-workers in an organization. Visit to contact Customer Relationship Management Services in UAE i.e. at

7 Reasons Why You Need a Tour Operators for Your Vacation - Video Dailymotion

Saves Time: Planning a tour during a busy schedule would only take the fun out of your vacation. Hiring a tour operator not only saves you the stress of booking tickets and accommodation but also saves you time and lets you forget your daily routine and enjoy your trip. Discounts: Tour operators have tie ups with travel companies and avail special discounts for their customers. Local Knowledge: Tour Operators hire trustworthy travel guides who have knowledge of the locality and can: i) Point you to the best food outlets. ii) Save you time by helping you navigate through a new city. Insurance: Tour operators have general/professional liability insurance which means your trip is covered if anyone is injured. Experience: Tour operators have a process in place that ensures a smooth trip. Experienced staff makes sure your trip is planned in a manner that your travel time is used to the fullest. If you are travelling to multiple cities they make sure you have a smooth journey avoiding common pitfalls. Safety: When travelling to unknown destinations safety is always a concern. This is why hiring a tour operator is most beneficial as they can make certain that you have a safe trip. Financial Ease: If you hire a tour operator, you may need to make just one payment for your entire trip. Some tour operators provide payment plans that are customized to your needs. Visit to contact Tour Operators in UAE i.e. at

Types of Services offered by UAE VAT Consultants - Video Dailymotion
  1. Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that is levied on most of the goods and services. 2. It is a tax on the amount by which the value of a product increases at each stage of production and distribution. 3. A VAT consultant can help business understand The amount of VAT they would have to pay for the production of their goods How the tax would affect their business. 4. The following are some of the services provided by VAT consultants: 5. Financial and Operational Restructuring: VAT consultants help businesses to restructure the financial and operating structure of their business to reduce the effect of VAT on their business. 6. Maintaining a VAT Register: A VAT consultant would also generate a VAT register and perform compliance audits ensuring that the business complies with the VAT norms. The VAT register is reviewed regularly and this detailed report aids an effective auditing process. 7. Filing Returns: They also help their clients identify the amount of excess VAT paid and file for returns. 8. Educate Clients on Local Tax Regulations: VAT consultants instruct their clients on tax regulations and help them reduce or evade taxes. 9. Assist with Legal Disputes: VAT consultants can also come to the aid of their clients and act on behalf of their clients by reviewing documentation in tax disputes. Visit to contact VAT Consultants in UAE i.e. at
Types of Solar Street Lighting Systems by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

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Safety Films Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

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Why Maintain an Asset Register by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

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Hospital Furniture Manufacturers in UAE by Sophia Taylor - Dailymotion

Hospital Furniture Manufacturers in UAE.
Visit to contact Hospital Furniture Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Hotel Furniture Manufacturers in UAE by SusanDoris - Dailymotion

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Trademark Registration Services in UAE

Watch Trademark Registration Services in UAE

Tips to Buy Used Cars in UAE

Tips to buy used cars
It is always advisable to head to an authorized used car dealer to buy a used car.
Authorized used car dealers issue warranty on certified used cars.
Take a trained mechanic along when you are looking for available options.
Identify the model with the best resale history.
Check The Engine
Perform a thorough inspection of the engine.
Look for any broken valves, pipes or burnt wires.
Check the under belly of the engine to look for any sign of oil leaks.
Make sure that the engine belt is not worn out.
Ensure that the exhaust does not emit thick smoke.
Look out for any broken cables or improper connections.
Check if the battery fluid or acid leaks out.
Make sure that all electrical components function properly.
Take it out for a test drive
As you drive make sure that there is not noise from the engine.
Pay attention to the behavior of the suspension and abnormal noise.
Brake hard to test the effectiveness of the brakes.
Ensure that the gear shifts are precise and smooth.
Look out for steering wheel wobbles.
Ensure that the throttle response is crisp.
Go for a vehicle which has well established service network
Don’t go for cars which are out of production.
Ensure that the tires are not totally worn out.
Look for dents, scratches or any variation in body paint.
Check the car’s service log.
Ensure that the seller has all original documents.
Visit to contact Used Car Dealers in UAE i.e. at

Heavy Equipment Suppliers in UAE

Heavy Equipment
Heavy equipment refers to heavy duty vehicles.
Heavy duty vehicles are designed to perform construction tasks such as:
Earthwork operations
Heavy lifting
Rough Grading
River Dredging
Heavy Equipment are classified as
Earth-moving equipment
Hauling equipment
Hoisting equipment
Conveying equipment
Concrete production equipment
Pile driving equipment
Earth Moving Equipment
Earth-moving equipment is used to excavate a construction site.
Some examples of earth moving equipment are
Power shovel
Back Hoe
Drag Line
Clam Shell
Hauling Equipment
Hauling equipment is used to transport material they are also known as haulers.
They are designed to operate on roadways or railways.
They transport building materials.
They carry and dispose excavated land.
They haul construction equipment.
Dump trucks and dumpers are examples of hauling equipment.
Hoisting Equipment
Hoisting equipment is used transport heavy weights from one location to another.
They are use in the construction of dams, skyscrapers etc.
Hoisting equipment includes jacks, winches, cranes and chain hoists.
Conveying Equipment
Conveying equipment are used to transport material over a stationary structure.
They carry material in a stream using a chain or belt.
They are mainly used for mining and small constructions.
Some commonly used conveyors are belt conveyors and bucket conveyors.
Some commonly used concrete production equipment are
Jaw crusher
Gyratory crusher
Cone crusher
Roll crusher
Hammer mill
Pile Driving Equipment
Pile driving equipment is used to lift piles and hold them in position.
They are designed to minimize construction costs effectively.
Pile driving rings and pile driving hammers are used in pile driving.
Visit to contact Heavy Equipment Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

Car Battery Replacement Services

Watch Car Battery Replacement Services
Visit to contact Car Battery Replacement Services in UAE i.e. at

Car Battery Services in UAE

How To Maintain Your Car Battery
Your car battery is the most important component of your car.
In order to keep your car in perfect condition you need to keep it clean.
Why Should You Clean Your Battery
Car batteries are prone to get corroded over time.
The cables connecting the battery are prone to wear and tear.
Car batteries function under heavy load they are prone to leakage.
Car Battery Cleaning Procedure
Car Battery Removal
Loosen the battery cable ends using a wrench.
Always start by disconnecting the negative terminal.
Place the wrench on the battery cable end and turn it anticlockwise.
This will disconnect the battery terminals.
Cleaning the Car Battery
Make sure that the terminals have been disconnected properly.
Sprinkle baking soda over the battery terminal gently.
Pour a few spoons of water on each terminal.
This will help get rid of corrosion by neutralizing the acid.
Use a toothbrush to remove corrosion and prevent stains.
Clean the cable ends with water and let it dry for a while.
Smear petroleum jelly on the terminals to prevent corrosion.
Reconnecting The Battery
First connect the positive battery terminal.
Reconnect the negative battery terminal.
Tighten the nut to using the wrench.
If you notice any damaged cables get them replaced immediately.
Car Battery Maintenance Tips
Follow these tips to maximize battery life.
Make sure you check the electrolyte level and top it up periodically.
Use a voltmeter to check whether your batteries are weak.
Switch off the headlights when you stop at a signal.
Avoid prolonged idling.
Disconnect the battery if you are not using the car for a long time.
Visit to contact Car Battery Services in UAE i.e. at

Car Window Tinting Types & Advantages

Watch Car Window Tinting Types & Advantages

Benefits of Installing a CCTV Camera

Perks of Installing a CCTV
A closed circuit system uses video cameras to transmit signals to a single monitor.
The signal is not openly transmitted therefore increasing security.
It is used for surveillance in
Jewelry Shops
Manufacturing Industries
Industrial Power Plants
Road Signals
Corporate Companies
Installing a CCTV camera will help
Monitor Premises
Detect Theft
Monitor Public Areas
Secure Valuables
Protect Staff
Monitor Accident Prone Areas
Provide Evidence
Why should I Install a CCTV Camera
Statics say that there is a 95% reduce in crime rate in areas with CCTV cameras.
A professionally installed camera system reduces shoplifting by 90%.
Today the cost of setting up a CCTV system has reduced considerably.
Features of A Modern CCTV Camera
Wireless signal transition
Ultra high resolution
Thermal imaging
Explosion proof housing
Night vision filter
Water proof
Remote zoom focus
Varifocal lens
Auto focus
Face detection
Types of CCTV Camera
Fixed camera
Dome camera
Pan Tilt zoom camera
360-degree camera
Outdoor camera
Discreet camera
Visit to contact CCTV Camera Suppliers in UAE i.e. at

First Aid Training Centers in UAE

Why Do You Need First Aid Training?
Whether you are in an office or home, your employee or family might need medical attention.
Most people tend to panic if someone gets injured or needs medical attention.
In order to be prepared for this situation you need to take first aid training.
Organizations which provide first aid training follow rules set by the OSHA.
OSHA stands For Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
25% of emergency room visits can be avoided by providing basic first aid.
13% of workplace deaths occur due to sudden cardiac arrest.
Benefits of Learning Basic First Aid
It helps your workplace meet with health and safety standards.
Most first aid training courses include only one day training sessions.
It will help you stay calm and provide medical assistance.
Initial medical assistance will help the patient and avoid further complication.
In some cases they can help save a person’s life.
Types of First Aid Training Courses
Basic First Aid
First Aid Refresher
Pre-Hospital Emergency Course
Construction Worker’s Refresher
Child’s First Aid
Basic Life Support
AED Operation
A Basic first aid course covers the treatment of
Broken bones
Cardiac arrest
Soft tissue injury
First aid training course teaches you treat sudden cardiac arrests by
Performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
Operation of an automated external defibrillator.
Using respirators.
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training
This training benefits lifeguards, ski patrollers, policemen and ambulance operators.
It includes:
Scene Management
Patient Assessment
Using Adjunct Airways
How to Operate Respiratory Support Devices.
Treating Trauma
Addressing Medical Conditions.
Administering Oxygen
Moving Patients
Visit to contact First Aid Training Centers in UAE i.e. at

PABX Telecom Suppliers in UAE

All You Need to Know About PABX
What is PABX?
Private automatic branch exchange is a telephone system.
It enables organizations to provide single access number for calls.
They provide a range of external lines to internal callers or staff.
How Does it Function?
PABX performs automatic switching needed for making calls.
It is an upgraded version of private branch exchange (PBX).
It remains independent of local telephone lines.
It is owned and managed by a private organization.
It depends on computers to switch calls.
Types of PABX Telephone Systems
Traditional PABX System
A traditional PABX system comprises of a switchboard box.
The switchboard box connects numerous phone lines to multiple extensions.
It can also be used to connect calls to a physical phone line.
IP PABX System
This is an Internet based PABX system.
This setup uses voice over internet protocol to make calls.
It is very cost effective system.
Hosted PABX System
Hosted PABX system uses offshoot VoIP technology.
This system enables users to work remotely when connected to the work phone.
This system is used in outsourcing.
Virtual PABX System
This system is similar to the hosted system.
This is suited for smaller businesses.
Hybrid PABX System
This system uses a combination of traditional system with VoIP technology.
This system is used in companies that spend a lot of time over phone lines.
You can use this system if your local telephone service provider fails.
Benefits of Using a PABX Telephone System
You have your own private network.
You don’t need the help of your local telephone service provider.
It is a private network and provides increased security.
It is a onetime investment.
PABX telephone systems can be easily installed.
Visit to contact PABX Telecommunication System Suppliers in UAE i.e. at