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Microsoft Dynamic AX

All About AX7

Microsoft Dynamics AX – The New Age Business Enhancement Software

Formally known as Axapta, is an adaptive, indicative business management solution that streamlines customer relationship, supply chain processes, and venture financials.

ERP – A Journey From Back Office To Cloud-Based Se

Research has always brought some interesting and unknown facts and the Qyresearchreports on the recent global cloud ERP is no exception. It's the era of cloud management where today's market is highly driven by advances in the implementation of cloud ERP solutions.

6 Points That Make Microsoft Dynamics AX7 The Best

With growing businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a must. This is because it takes care of back office functions in technology, human resources, and services along with managing the business through an integrated applications system.

How Independent Professionals Can Help Boost Productivity for Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

The Microsoft program brings about a productivity boost in many Microsoft Dynamics AX company through an uncanny channel – the independent professionals, who make excellent resources with their specialized expertise in the ERP arena.

7 Things That Are Extremely Wrong With The Current Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 Implementation Methods

It is a disheartening fact that even though Microsoft Dynamics AX has evolved over the years (with the most recent version being Microsoft Dynamics 365), the industry has not kept up with the changes, thus rendering the implementation methodologies and staffing plans stagnant.

Global ERP Software Market Reports – Key Considerations and Their Use in Evaluating an Enterprise’s ERP Needs

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a vast and lucrative market as businesses are constantly striving to strike the right balance between organizational resources, and the hardware and software infrastructure so that their customer relationship is always at the best.

Dynamics AX 2016 Opens New Vistas For Enterprises With Its Cloud-First Approach

The news of the moment is Microsoft launching Dynamics AX 2016, a cloud-first, mobile-first solution that will revolutionize the present day work environment of enterprises.

Microsoft Dynamics AX – not a mere name change, but a revolutionary cloud-first offering from Microsoft!

Most of the enterprises are already aware of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 being entirely a cloud-based solution from now onwards, and it being renamed to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Latest AX7 Release Of Microsoft Dynamics

AX is the Microsoft Dynamics cloud based product, which is a powerful ERP system that is now under continuous maintenance in the cloud.

Upgrading or Re-Implementation of Dynamics 365 for Operations

Do you know about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations? It is an ERP business application re-branded by Microsoft officials. It is a next-gen, cloud-based business management system that combines CRM and ERP capabilities within one integrated platform.

Crux of Dynamics AX 7

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX brings new user experience and Azure-native architecture. Dynamics AX is the cloud first application that means it won’t have a related version number.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 Mainstream Support Comes to End!

Microsoft is all over the news again. Not because of the release of some hot-shot software in the market, but this time to inform users that it is in plans to withdraw its support to AX2009 and 2012.

How Dynamics 365 Is Creating a New IoT Integration to Business

The IoT is not a new concept in business. The internet and then the cloud created a primitive sort of IoT some time back. But with Dynamics 365, we are now seeing a new era in business IoT and it could forever change the way we run businesses and organizations....

Documentation and Automation Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Automation has paved way for itself in almost all business dealings. While some companies are using automation to increase productivity, others are using it to eliminate errors.

Key Points from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tech Conference

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Conferencethat took place in March this year was one of the must-attend events of the year. The event was attended by partners, customers and Microsoft staff.

Easy Way to Add Help Section in CRM Entity Form

Every trade has a secret and so does every professional. You would know what I mean if you have ever interacted with your colleagues regarding shortcuts to completing work.

Time Tracking Software - Learn How Time Tracking is Useful

In some project, time or effort spent on related activities is recorded and client invoices are raised using simple calculation which involves some amount for each hour spent. Larger organizations try to streamline processes by generalizing the time that would be required to complete an activity.

How Microsoft Dynamics AX Gives Us The Best ERP solution

As an ERP solution provider, some would say, the Microsoft Dynamics AX has long since won the battle. While ERP solutions have been around for some time, with the Dynamics AX, Microsoft has just up the stakes in ERP solutions.

How Useful Are Document Management Solutions?

A document has become synonymous to paper and Microsoft Word. In business world, almost all transactions whether financial in form of invoice or legal in form of contracts are done on documents.

Tutorial – Number Sequence Framework in AX 2012 R3 (New module)

A master data record or transaction record that requires an identifier is referred to as a reference. Before you can create new records for a reference in Microsoft Dynamics AX, we must set up a number sequence and associate it with the reference.

Number Sequence Framework in AX 2012 R3 (Existing module)

A master data record or transaction record that requires an identifier is referred to as a reference. Before you can create new records for a reference in Microsoft Dynamics AX, we must set up a number sequence and associate it with the reference.

Manage Documents Easy,Effective with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Documents are the lifeline of every business whether big or small. This importance makes it mandatory for businesses to effectively manage documents which includes generation, storage, retrieval, security, etc.

Are Your Business Strategies Efficient Enough?

In today’s time, there are numerous business strategies that can be adopted to achieve common business goals. This blog will discuss the parameters that can help you measure the effectiveness of your business strategies and also offer solutions that can make you achieve targets.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP? It provides an easy access to business data and helps us take quick and well-informed decisions in real time...

In today's world, we have many choices when choosing Enterprise resource planning solution. From industry based solution to on premises to cloud based solutions we have long list available to choose from.....