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Magento Extensions & Magento 2 Extensions

AppJetty offers user-friendly Magento Extensions, Magento 2 Extensions, modules and plugins for the Magento store owners to extend their store's functionality. With over 8,500 installations for Magento Extensions, we are one of the most trusted sellers in the market. Browse through our collection now!


5 Multilingual SEO Best Practices to Follow in 2020

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Allows users to specify the date & time on which they want their orders to be delivered to their specified address, removing speculation & uncertainty.

AppJetty GeoIP Redirect – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store

Localize user's experience with Geo IP based redirection

Appjetty Delivery Date Manager – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store

A delivery date app to streamline your delivery operations.

Shopify Plugins

Shopify Plugins Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms due to its features like easy-to-use interface, cost-effectiveness, high security,

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Here is how to improve Supply Chain in Manufacturing Industry with Dynamics 365 Map Visualization.

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Ways Push Notifications Can Benefit Your Business App

Sometimes, your app is great but lacks engagement. At other times, app downloads are high in number but retention is too low.

Common Shipping Glitches and Ways to Fix Them

If customers place orders on your site, they also expect a hassle-free delivery experience

Must-Have Powerful Ecommerce Mobile App Features in 2020

Read this post to understand what all features you must include in
the mobile app for your Magento store for higher customer engagement rates and sales.

6 Magento Extensions For eCommerce Retail in 2020

Here are six Magento extensions that will help you develop, set up, launch, and manage your online store. Optimize your store for the online retail world!

MageMob App Builder For Magento

Get fully native and highly customizable Android Mobile App for your Magento Store.

App Features:

Synchronization with Website and Mobile App Custom Category Layouts Native App within Your Budget User Authentication and User Management Interactive Header Menus Cart Management & Checkout Magento Extension:

MageMob App Builder helps you easily and quickly build a custom mobile app for your Magento Store. Apps built with MageMob App Builder are optimized for Android mobile devices. It gives you all the flexibility without the headache of developing your apps from the ground up. MageMob App Builder comes as a package of Magento extension and Android app.

This is a demo Magento E-commerce Mobile App that you can download and check out to understand how your Mobile App for Magento Store would look like to your customers.

Benefits of MageMob App Builder

Live Synchronization: With Mobile App Builder for Magento you don’t have to bother about maintaining your Magento store and mobile app separately. All the changes you make you your Magento store will be updated on your mobile app as well in real-time.

Customized CategoryLayout: With Magento Mobile App Builder you also get to customize the category layouts in your Magento store Android app. You can have 2 to 5 category blocks in your layout depending on your product catalog and different product departments.

Native App: Since the App created with MageMob App Builder is native to Android, you get to provide the best user experience on Android devices.

Cost Effective: Magento Mobile App Builder helps you drastically decrease the investment needed for developing and publishing the app for your Magento store.


User Authentication With Mobile App for Magento Store let the user register and log in to the store via Specific Email Address, Facebook or Google Plus. Also, allow your user for password recovery via the mobile app itself.

User Management From the app user will be able to manage the user profile along with the options for order management, wish-list management and user will also be able to write a review of the completed orders.

Product Management Admin will be able to showcase the store products attractively on to the mobile app, admin can set products into various categories and showcase them via various banners and offer sliders.

Interactive Header Menus The header menus will contain navigation for My Designs, App Notifications, CMS Pages and various settings page. From the header user will be able to search, sort and filter products according to requirements. The user can also set visibility preference for the category page.

Cart Management & Checkout With the simple & interactive checkout and cart pages, an admin will be able to let the users checkout without a fuss. The user can select any of the checkout method set by the user and also choose the address for the checkout.

The Right Odoo Theme: A Must for a Successful Business

The Right Odoo Theme: A Must for a Successful Business - things to keep in mind and some “don’ts” while choosing an Odoo theme for your e-store.

A Must-have Shipping Extension for Your Magento Store

Magento Australia Post Extension will add efficiency to your ecommerce store. A way for all the shipping needs, for you and your customers! You can read why, here!.

Dynamics CRM Map Integration: A Smart Way to Sell

Dynamics CRM is the newest addition to the CRM race but has taken the industry by storm with feature like Dynamics CRM Map integration and their in-depth bifurcated CRM modules.

5 Must have Magento 2 Extensions for 2019

It is wise to do some research in order to choose suitable Magento 2 extensions to minimize the coding efforts and get some of the greatest functionalities to your e-store instantly.

Survey Automation: The Most Significant Feature in Survey Tools!

Survey tools offer a lot of convenience and efficiency to the business owners with the automation feature. It enables them to create a survey workflow from the backend and implement the surveys accordingly.

Why a Website Should Communicate With Customer-Friendly Language?

While you own your business in this digital era, you get the global exposure easily. But that comes with challenges. The first is that you need to convey your centralized product idea to your customers with ease.

How Does Magento Make Australia Shipping Process More Effective?

Magento shipping extensions features and functionalities help you to streamline the shipping process. Check it out the ways to make shipping process more effective with Magento.

Multiple Benefits of Magento Extensions You Might Be Overlooking!

As an ecommerce store owner, you might be of the opinion that you do not need Magento extensions as they take up a lot of space and distort the functionalities of your e-store. However, they render with some great functionalities which you might be overlooking. Find out how they can help your business grow.

Why Is It Important to Integrate Australia post eParcel Extension to Your Website?

If you own an e-store in Australia and face issues with shipping order & parcel data. Find out the benefits of eParcel shipping extension and why should you consider integrating with e-store?

How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks?

Inventory management is the most important part of your Magento Store. This blog will address some challenges of inventory management and will help you to overcome them.

Australia Post Shipping Magento 2

Australia Post is the leading shipping service provider for e-commerce businesses in Australia. Keeping this in mind we created Australia Post Shipping Extension for Australian online stores.

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A Complete SEO Solution for Magento

Boost the visibility and performance of your store on search engines using SEO Hub - an all-inclusive SEO solution for your Magento store. With this Magento SEO optimization extension, you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge about SEO processes.