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Updated by UBI Advocates on Jun 11, 2018
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Where UBI may help society.

~This description will change as the page gets updated~ this is an attempt to create a shared list where UBI advocates can submit (via reddit AND Twitter) ways in which they believe UBI will help society. Consider that everywhere money can open a door, UBI can affect (Ex. a clinic, a doctor visit, or an optometrist, education, etc...) but there are far more nuances than that. What are some ways UBI will help change society for the better? Examples: UBI will... -Enable scientists to do more research. -Ensure unpaid work and volunteer work to be better recognized. Examples below are ideas or suggestions that are not necessarily proven by existing studies.

Today is Monday April 24th, 2017.

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What is UBI?


The many potential ways and nuances in which UBI benefits or improves society.

UBI may...

- Ensure scientists can do more research.

- Ensure unpaid work and volunteer work to be better recognized.

- People won't need to ask for and borrow money from family and friends.

- Allow people to escape abusive relationships.

- "Help some sex trade workers take control of their lives and make their own decisions" Sylvia Roe @Soccersyl

- Ensure People that hate their job can quit and find a better one, one they actually love.

- Ensure Teachers, social workers, educators, mentors, will get paid what they deserve.

- Ensure "Families of special needs children would be better able to care for them" -JBX @JimbauxsJournal

- lay the groundwork for more parents being able to stay at home, caring for their children, if they choose. @Women4UBI

- Make sure ALL work is recognized & better enabled, especially all the care work that is the foundation of all work. @ScottSantens


- allow my business to expand and become profitable; not just scraping by, and without needing risky, expensive loans. @Women4UBI

- make it easier for women to go into business for themselves. @Women4UBI

- SAVE money. If you eliminated admin and means testing of benefits you'd need FAR LESS federal/state government employees. @EJLandwehr

- give people more dignity. @Aggykins7

- reduce income inequality in the US to Nordic capitalism levels. (at $1000 per month) @ScottSantens

- lead to better health - for people and communities. We know poverty is the strongest predictor of poor health. @tpickard1cogeco

- lead to better health, reduced crime (Canada PEI MP Wayne Easter)

- provide better economic growth & stability. @amartincolby

- provide the power for low-income people to make better choices

- increase cultural development. @HenrikLundSALO

- reduce foreclosures @SKeyboardist

- allow more #startups - to try again without fatal failures @finneycanhelp

- positively impact entrepreneurship and engaged citizenship. UBI helps you "get things started". Aaron Swartz @scottsantens

- allow ppl 2help others+ their communities thru volunteering. People won't have idle hands. They will have caring hands. @BernieFireball

- empower half World's citizens & help millions of women stuck in unpaid work @trebor155

- allow us to fully embrace #automation and focus our energy on science, technology, and art. @LordPuppydudley

- make it so I never again have to say "Gee. That's too bad. Wish I could help." while knowing they may die.

- give the people more liberty and have less government involvement than current social programs and be MORE effective @SKeyboardist

- also help streamline and increase benefits to those who by whatever means could not work, without the present stigma... @RGC_BPPA

- allow more people in society to "act like an entrepreneur" - basic needs met allows creativity @Creators4UBI

- allow us to be more fully ourselves, be creative and support others without struggling for money. @DecodingStatic

- give young scientists a financial cushion, which would allow them more freedom to do what they love.@GeoHols

- enable art to flourish @AdrianeKaylor

- me to spend 100% of my time being an entrepreneur instead of working to pay bills. @mairabay

  • to be continued