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Role Of Pregnancy Ultrasounds In Fetal Growth Analysis

This list is about the importance of pregnancy ultrasound scans. Here you will find out the pros of getting timely pregnancy scans and how it can help keep to-be-mother and child in good health.



Why pregnancy ultrasounds are important at different intervals?

Why pregnancy ultrasounds are important at different intervals?

Pregnancy scans are important at different intervals during the pregnancy to have a clear picture of the health of to-be-mother and development of fetus.
In the initially phases of pregnancy, Viability scan or Dating scan is done to find out estimated date of conception and hence expected time frame of delivery.
Source Google > A pregnancy can be seen from as early as 6 weeks from the first day of your last period (LMP) and not the date of conception.

This scan is also known as Sonogram ...


First Trimester

First Trimester

First trimester pregnancy scan
This is done by conducting a trans vaginal scan or TVS scan. It is an internal scan which is done by inserting the probe into vagina. This test gives information about the child age by measuring the length from top to bottom and by measuring heartbeats of the fetus. At this time, fetus is very small and hence you can't see clear picture of the baby.
Baby grows at 1 mm/day and in 13th - 14th week of pregnancy, very clear image of the child can be seen during the scan.


Second Trimester

This happens during 18th - 20th week of pregnancy. At this time, you are half way your pregnancy and you really look pregnant.
Scan normally takes 20 to 40 mins and it can take longer if there are multiple fetus. At this stage fetus is developed and can be seen. At this stage growth of organs can be seen and much more detail can be obtained from images.
After the scan, doctor can actually tell the growth of child, count fingers and toes, check for any abnormalities in heart, brain, liver etc and much more. This scan gives clear picture of child's health **
You might even get a 3-D view, which will offer a true-to-life glimpse of your baby's nose and bone structure. **

Other important checkups during pregnancy

Learn why prenatal/pregnancy health checkups are important. Be sure that you have healthy pregnancy. Ensure mother and child good health.


Third Trimester

This is required if you have gone past your due date and doctor wants to check for the fetal growth.
This situation is more common in women above at 35.
Normally an ultrasound is not required during 3rd trimester.

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