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Updated by enterprisebyte on Mar 25, 2020
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Kotlin Vs Java - Which Is Best For Android App Development?

Java is an official language for Android application development, but it's not the only option. The developer can use any language that can compile and run on the JVM. And one of such language is Kotlin.

Android Devs Cry for Java Replacement -- ADTmag

During a recent Reddit "Ask Me Anything" event with the Android Engineering Team, many developers asked about how (and whether) the Android team will support other languages in the future,

Why You Should Start Using Kotlin to Supercharge Your Android Development in 2017

The most popular and the most widely used language for Android development is undoubtedly Java. But that certainly doesn’t mean it is the best choice for the developers out there today. The biggest…

Kotlin For Android: An Introduction

See how Kotlin For Android makes developing Android apps far more enjoyable. Learn how simple it really is by creating your very own book searching app.

Why Kotlin is the next big thing for Java developers - JAXenter

Kotlin already looks like a tool that is going to improve productivity significantly. Here is why we think Kotlin will be the next big thing for the Java community.

Why You Should Consider Kotlin For Android Development - DZone Mobile

Despite its good qualities, Java isn't the only choice for Android mobile development. Read on to learn about developing with the Kotlin coding language.

Java vs. Kotlin: Android Programming Languages

Mobile-optimized languages like Apple's Swift are helping to streamline mobile development. Here's a quick look at how Kotlin is offering Android developers a more concise, readable language that lets them be more productive and write better mobile apps.