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Best of comedy with Amit Tandon

Tickling the funny bone...Amit Tandon aka "The Married Guy" is a observational comic and connects well with his clean comedy.
Check out some his best acts...

Women are more Intelligent STAND UP COMEDY by AMIT TANDON

Women are way more intelligent than men. If you don't believe it, you aren't in a relationship yet.

Indian Kids and Their Schools by Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon # Stand Up Comedy # Indian School kids

Women and their Handbags - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

If understanding women wasn't tough already, understanding their handbags is a different level altogether!

Indian Middle Class Symbols - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

Growing up in Indian Middle Class gives you a DNA that never changes, irrespective of what you do in life later. I talk about some of these issues here :)

Five Star Hotel Experience - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

As a Middle Class Indian, my experience with Five Star hotels started pretty late in life. I still get excited about them, but never feel at home.

"My father never bothered to follow the guidebook of parenting!"

Known as 'the married guy' in the stand-up comedy circuit, Amit Tandon defends how his Punjabi heritage was responsible for minimal conversation with his father. While comedienne Sindhu Vee talks about why she had a conflicted upbringing in a half UP-half Tamilian household.

Peer Pressure - The slowest suicide | Amit Tandon | TEDxIIITD

Leading the post tea break lineup was the stand up comic Amit Tandon. With his fun filled anecdotes and impeccable timing, Amit smoothly conveyed how peer pressure was a slow form of suicide. The hall was rollicking throughout the entirety of his talk.

Understanding the Indian male Homo sapien: Amit Tandon at TEDxTughlaqRd

Sung and unsung heroes, local and national, share their diverse gifts with an inspired audience at TEDxTughlaqRd.

Tumko Mujh Mein Kya Achcha Lagta Hai- Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

A question that haunts every man in a relationship and he can never answer it. Tumko Mujh Mein Kya Acha Lagta Hai explains every man's situation when asked by their better half or girlfriends....

Demonetization - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

Everyone is talking about Demonetisation. Here, I share my views and how it has impacted me

Facebook Ke Side Effects - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

Facebook has changed our lives and how! Check out the side effects with Amit Tandon

Board Exams Pressure | Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

We are brought up with this terror of Board Exams. A parent doesn't feel he/she has done his duty till he reminds the kid to study at least once a day!

Punjabi Family Problems - Stand up Comedy by Amit Tandon

A small attempt to clarify some doubts about the Punjabi community :)

Secret of Husbands

Married Men have some secrets. Here I reveal one of them. This comes with 15 yrs of certified marriage experience. Ladies, you are welcome. Men, I am sorry ;...

Tandon In London

Sharing my experiences of UK tour of May 2017. We shot on the streets and also mixed it with my stand up.