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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Dec 30, 2017
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Guaranteed No Stress Festival Fashion For Your Man

You wouldn’t know it from my feed (you would) but festival season is upon us! Up and down the country the line ups are being finalised and announced with everyone trying to decide where to go and who to see - Boomtown or Bestival? Ed Sheeran or The XX? The debate in my house this year however, is around the essential items that a guy needs to fit in perfectly at a festival. Here is what we think but feel free to add your ideas too!

The Foolproof Basic T-Shirt

Yes, they are essential. You could go topless, but let's be honest it is not a great look. Your best bet is an old crew neck band’s t-shirt. These are the perfect item for festival fashion and will never look better than in the middle of music lovers. Check at the back of the wardrobe or the local charity shop for some iconic tee’s. Alternatively, if crew necks are not your thing, a retro polo never goes out of fashion.


The Lightweight And Fashionable Jacket

The Lightweight And Fashionable Jacket

Every summer I hope for the weather that we are promised by the news. “This will be the hottest summer on record” and while I will remain hopeful, it is Britain and it is never as warm as we want it to be in the evenings. Therefore, a lightweight jacket is an essential item.

Something not too warm but with plenty of style, think about choosing a Pretty Green jacket, such as a Harrington or track-top. This also has the added benefit of being recognised at festivals as music legend Liam Gallagher’s own brand. If we want to entertain the possibility of bad weather, then a great alternative would be a cheap mac. Ultra useful, but lacking a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

The Stylish Yet Sturdy Shoes

While this may seem like the most obvious item on the list, it is often one overlooked. Try spending a whole festival walking about in flip flops, you will either be blistered and bruised or struggling like this guy. The essential item would be a pair of sturdy trainers that are trendy and will keep your feet dry for the most part. Decent wellies will keep the mud and water out, but if you want them to look good they may be an expensive second choice.

The Sexy Shades For Days

Is there anything cooler than a pair of great fitting sunglasses? No, I thought not. With so many styles and options out there it is hard to go wrong, just be sure to invest your money wisely.

The Essential Gadgets and Technology

Why let the party end? Whether it’s some last tunes before bed or as you wake up in your tent on the second day of festival, Bluetooth speakers are what you need. They produce a great sound for the size of them and are often weatherproof.

If you already have them checked off, why not consider some solar powered chargers to keep all your tech going…..I mean we are planning for good weather after all!

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