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Updated by Kestner Automotive on May 29, 2018
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Kestner Automotive Repair in Columbia and Lexington, SC

ASE Certified Kestner Automotive Shop in Columbia, SC & Lexington, SC!

Here at Kestner Automotive, we pride ourselves on providing premium car care and preventative maintenance to vehicle owners in Lexington, SC, and Columbia, SC. In fact, did you know that every $1 in preventative maintenance can save you up to $20 on repairs? Our Auto Experts at Kestner Automotive in both Lexington, SC & Columbia, SC will keep your vehicle running smooth!

Kestner Automotive Columbia: Find ASE certified Transmission Repair Shop

When needing transmission service for your vehicle, be sure to find a certified and reputable transmission repair technician

Kestner Automotive Columbia: Got A Cracked Radiator?

If your car has a cracked radiator, visit your radiator repair shop. Driving with a cracked causes many issues, leading to a costly radiator replacement

Need quality radiator repair in Columbia SC? Visit our Auto Shop today

Keep your car cool this summer by keeping up with radiator repair. Good maintenance will help prevent a premature radiator replacement

Need quality radiator repair in Columbia SC? Visit our Auto Shop today

Keep your car cool this summer by keeping up with radiator repair. Good maintenance will help prevent a premature radiator replacement

Bring your Vehicle to Transmission Repair Shop near Lexington SC!

It is getting harder for the average vehicle owner to work on their car. Leave transmission repair to the experts at a certified transmission shop!

Useful tips for Vehicle Maintenance for Summer Road Trip!

Ask your auto mechanic for recommendations for a vehicle maintenance service before you go for your summer road trip. Schedule your car maintenance today!

Need a car tune up for your summer trip? Call Kextner Automotive, Lexington, SC at 803-399-1514 today!

Before heading out on a summer road trip, be sure to schedule a car tune up. A quality tune up will make sure you are driving as safe as possible

Routine Transmission Service is Vital for Driving Safety!

Routine transmission service is vital for driving safety. Take care of needed transmission repair issues while they are small before they get bigger & more costly

Stop your Vehicle at the right time & place with our Quality Brake Repair!

Take care of a needed brake repair so your vehicle is stopping at the right time & place. Schedule your brake replacement online now. Call us at 803-399-1514!

Get your Brakes Serviced at Kestner Automotive in Columbia SC

Need brake repair in Columbia, SC ? Turn to Kestner Automotive to fulfill all your auto repair & maintenance needs. Schedule your brake repair service now!

How Often Should you Change the Oil in your Car?

High mileage vehicles should have an oil change at the appropriate interval without fail. Ask your auto shop about their oil change coupons.

Why a Car Tune Up is Worth the Cost? | Kestner Automotive Shop

There are several reasons that answer the question whether the cost of a car tune up is worth it? A tune up is like a health check up at the doctor.

Why a Healthy Exhaust System Is Vital for Clean Driving?

Take muffler repair seriously and don't hesitate to have an inspection of the exhaust system on a regular basis. Schedule your appointment today!

Radiator Repair Facts: How to Replace a Radiator of your Car?

If you have a leaky radiator & wondering how to replace a radiator, leave it to experts. Radiator repair involves more than the average person can handle!

When Should You Get an Oil Change? | Kestner Automotive

Be sure to ask your mechanic when should you get an oil change and also to ask about their offered oil change coupons which help you save money.

How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost near Columbia, SC?

When scheduling a tire service, you may need to include tire rotation. Be sure & ask your mechanic about how much does a tire rotation cost. Call us today!

Ask your Auto Shop: "How long does Brake Replacement take

Consider all the factors that can cause braking system wear & lead to an early brake service. Ask your auto shop about how long does Brake Replacement take.

3 Tips to Find a Trusted Auto Repair Shop Near Columbia SC!

It's important to know what to look for when visiting an auto repair shop for the first time. It’s worth paying a little extra for quality auto repair services.

Everything you need to know about Brake Repair Services!

Do you understand the brake repair options that are available? Know what to ask your brake shop so you can make an informed decision about the right brake service.

Do You Know Why is Periodic Tire Rotation Important?

There are several good reasons to keep up with needed tire repair. Ask your auto shop for advice why is periodic tire rotation important for your vehicle.

Are you Wondering About How Much Do New Tires Cost?

If you are spending a lot of time and money on tire repair, it may be time to buy new tires. Your tire Shop can advice you how much do new tires cost.

Do you want to Know How Much Does Auto AC Service Cost?

Remember that car A/C repair is important for winter too! Ask your mechanic to let you know how much does auto ac service cost. Call us today!

Check out your Car Struts and Shocks for a Better Ride!

You may need to replace your automotive shocks and/or car struts if you car is bouncing down the road. Call your auto repair shop today

Are you Worried about How Long Will New Tires Last for Vehicle?

Taking care of minor tire repair problems extends the life of your tires so your mechanic can advise you how long will new tires last. Call us today!

  • Kestner Automotive Service & Repair has two locations for its exceptional services. Kestner Automotive in Columbia, SC is a preferred auto repair service shop in this area. Our highly professional & trained team of auto experts provides the quality repairs and maintenance that keeps your vehicle in top notch condition. Our legacy store has been serving this area since 2002.

    if you have any concern about automotive repair, you can schedule your appointment today to any of the location in Columbia and Lexington, SC.

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