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Manufacturing ERP software | ERP for Manufacturing Industry

eresource ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource Planning system that offers ERP software for manufacturing companies and best-practice support multi-mode manufacturers in a broad range of Industries.

ERP for Manufacturing 

eresource erp is a global information technology company which provides Enterprise Resource Planning solution that meet the strategic business soluton.

eresource Xcel ERP | ERP For Manufaturing Business | Store Module

Eresource's Inventory & Material management module provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information

eresource Xcel ERP | ERP For Manufaturing Indusrty | Quality Control Module

Total Quality Management ERP Module. eresource ERP Quality Control Module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing but also...


ERP For Manufacturing - ERP Implementation Benefits

ERP For Manufacturing - ERP Implementation Benefits

20 years ago only the largest companies employ Enterprise Resource Planning solution, today 74% of Manufacturers use Manufacturing ERP solution to Plan and schedule resources for their day to day operations. If companies haven’t adopted a ERP solution already, take a look at the Numbers, here are quantitative benefits manufacturers gets when eresource ERP implementation is achieved.

Benefit No.1 - Reduce Inventory Level
Reduce Inventory Level eresource, The best in Class ERP lower inventory level by 22% because companies can better coordinate manufacturing with customer service, logistics and delivery and that means lower inventory levels in reserves and more money for cash flow.

Benefit No.2 - Improve Internal Processes
96% of eresource ERP customers meet manufacturing Schedules because eresource ERP solution automatically notifies Decision makers when schedule activities fail to occur on-time so that can address Issues Proactively

Benefit No.3 - Enhance the customer Experience
98% of Manufacturers with eresource ERP implementations delivers shipments complete and on-tiime to their customers.. eresource ERP Solution enables cross function teams to continuously improve operations.

Benefit No.4 - Reduce Cost
Manufacturers with eresource ERP Implementation reduce operating cost by almost 20% to their ability to streamline and accelerate processes to improve efficiency and improve Productivity.

Challenges in Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturers in all segment faces tensed competition in the market place. To gain Competitive Advantage and achieve sustainable growth. Manufacturers need to continuously develop innovative products and improve Business Process. Here are 4 ways eresource ERP can help you transform this challenges into competitive advantages.

1) Product Innovation
Innovation is the top concern for manufacturers in. Collaboration tools like eresource ERP will allow you to share knowledge and speed up problem solving are vital to innovation. eresource ERP Online edition can be used to share information and speed problem solving among employees, suppliers, partners and customers. Your organization can develop new products and processes that reduce costs and power revenue growth.

2) Enhance Processes
Manufacturers must streamline Business Processes to operate efficiently, respond faster to customer demands and Bring product to Market more quickly. eresource ERP solution automates and streamlines workflows throughout the enterprise and supply chain. They eliminate ranking and improve accuracy while supporting rapid change in growth. With eresource ERP now you can improve efficiency, speed turnaround time and increase productivity.

3) Improve Visibility
To improve innovation and enhance processes, Manufacturers needs real time visibility into their operations to answer key questions. Business intelligence and analytical tools including exceptional alerts and Triggers let you analyse information to reduce cost and optimize Order Management, Inventory Management and Production Control Process.

4) Comply with Regulations
Manufactuers must ensure their processes comply with regulations or face hefty penalty. eresource ERPautomates and standardize processes and ensure compliance while audit trials enable documentation and reporting non compliance. Implement eresource EPR, the today’s modern ERP solution for Maufacturers, and GAIN Operational Excellence.

Discrete Manufacturing ERP | ERP Software for Discrete Manufacturing Industry | eresourceerp

eresource provides discrete manufacturing solutions to midsize Manufacturing Companies with unformed, integrated, on-demand ERP solution designed to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase margins and generate new revenue streams.

Best ERP system for process manufacturing | ERP software in process manufacturing | eresourceERP

eresource provide top process manufacturing erp, manufacturing process erp model is cost effective improve customer service, increase margins, improve customer service, increase margins

Manufacturing Resource Planning & MRP

MRP II or Manufacturing Resource Planning by itself is the original modality of what we know now as ERP, and covered materials planning. MRP II is one of the...