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Business Intelligence

The list is all about the news related to Power BI, Business Intelligence, AI, Bots and etc,

Power BI – Why, Where and When? - Acvuate

Power BI is the new buzz word in the Microsoft world with good visualizations and Natural Language Query like “Show Sales by Products where city is London” giving chart showing the results. While many of the customers are really impressed with this capabilities they are confused where to use it and when to use it.

All about Microsoft BI – Options, Objectives and licensing. - Acvuate

At Acuvate we have been having discussions with many customers about the Microsoft BI system. There are two main aspects which comes in this conversation.

How business users can maximize ROI from MS BI - Acvuate

In the last blog we have explained about Microsoft BI Eco system and when to use what. Now the next conundrum is about the many reporting tools in the Microsoft BI eco system and how and when to use which reporting Tool?
It can be best depicted below and shown from a User Perspective

Self Service BI – 5 lessons from the Supermarkets - Acvuate

From fast food chains to supermarket, the world had been using more self-service. Self-service is there in the corporate too in the form of the many Employee Self Service applications. Self-service BI however is just catching up.

Engage people through innovation management - Acvuate

Employee engagement has been a big driver in many organizations large and small. In Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report, based on more than 7,000 responses in over 130 countries around the world, 85% respondents rated Engagement as Very Important/Important.Studies have shown how employee engagement benefits organization productivity. Kevin Kruse lists multiple of these research studies here.

5 Things We Can Learn From Successful Intranets - Acvuate

We have come a long way from the first intranet software solutions we were introduced to over two decades ago, which were essentially static websites which allowed employees to access information from a centralized point. Intranets, at this point, were nothing more than a HTML page on a web server which linked to internal resources. Back in 1996, Frontier Technologies pioneered entry into the intranet market by introducing “Intranet Genie”. This product was considered revolutionary in its own right – it supported document sharing, conversation among employees, electronic messaging, and a plethora of other tools that enabled better communication. Of course, larger organizations quickly took notice and recognized the importance of integrating intranets into their businesses. They wanted to jump on the intranet bandwagon, but were met with a few hiccups along the way.

The Rise of Chatbots in Customer Service Across Industries 

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11 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About Chatbots

Are you ready for the amazing chatbot revolution?

Idea Management Tool - Wave

WAVE is an idea management software which helps to fish out bright ideas from within the organization to solve business challenges.

IT Helpdesk Bot - Acuvate

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SQL Services, Power BI Dashboards, Birst BI, Qlik view - Acuvate

Acuvate’s analytics and database services use the Business intelligence (BI) tools to help industry leaders get deeper insights in to business and make smarter and better decisions.

Business Process Management - B2B,B2C,B2E portals - Acuvate

Acuvate’s Business Process Management offering is defined to extend the reach of customer’s ERP/LOB systems with ease of access and rich user experience.

Creating supply chain symphony with SCOR - Acuvate

Watching a conductor sway his baton to embellish the music is rather satisfying. The sound produced by the various sections of the orchestra moves people to tears. These tears are of happiness though, unlike the ones you would have when you are forced to experience a supply chain gone haywire. The various logistic, booking, order fulfillment, warehouse management, sales operation, purchasing and supplier systems & teams are similar to the orchestral sections that work in tandem to create something valuable your organization. Aspects that are worthwhile for any organization, such as yours, are increased revenue through perfect order rates, reduced inventory and reduced inventory cycles which subsequently leads to reduced costs. Now you must be wondering how can these be achieved?

An Introduction to the Ultimate Idea Management Solution - Wave - Acuvate

In today’s competitive world, it is essential for organizations to come up with competent and innovative solutions to facilitate growth. The best way to do this is to tap into the ideas of their employees. Simultaneously, it is vital for the organizations to ensure that the creative energies of their employees are focused around solutions that can be implemented to solve business challenges.

Power BI and the Shift to Self-Service Business Intelligence - Acuvate

The rapid evolution of Business Intelligence over the past few years has drastically changed the way organizations collect, store, evaluate and analyze data.

Application Lifecycle Management - SharePoint consulting to Migration

Acuvate's Application lifecycle Management includes services such as Consulting, Platform Migration, User Experience, Mobility Enablement and Architectural Assessment

5 Benefits of Decentralized Innovation Management - Acuvate

In a centralized organization, decisions regarding driving innovation within the company are usually taken by a single person (CEO, CTO, CIO etc.)  or a small group of board of directors or high-level executives. In some cases, a special department is created to monitor and control all the decisions and processes pertaining to innovation management.

12 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help Your FMCG Organization - Acuvate

Organizations generate colossal amounts of data every day. However, only a handful of them are able to harvest useful information. Why only a handful, because these organizations follow a business intelligence strategy that harnesses knowledge. Enterprises and organizations that are able to integrate a business intelligence strategy have a competitive advantage. Such enterprises do not focus only on traditional reporting and/or analytics but on predictive analytics to deliver robust products and top-line. For today’s enterprises and organizations, hunches and experience, that mid and senior level management brought to the table, have been replaced with logical frameworks and business strategies.

FMCG Sales Success: Using An Intelligent BI For Taking Faster And Accurate Decisions - Acuvate

How an intelligent BI system can be a powerful asset for FMCG sales teams and enables them to take complicated decisions at a fast pace.

4 Major BI challenges for the FMCG industry and How to overcome them - Acuvate

The diverse, broad and hard-to-predict influencing factors in sales, marketing and supply chain make it an ever-changing field.

BI for CPG – Acuvate

Analytical insights enable decision making and strategy creation to address the complex market dynamics in today’s business environment. Our Data Science and AI enabled Business Intelligence solution for FMCG companies focuses on solving challenges for the three crucial departments.

4 Major BI challenges for the FMCG industry and How to overcome them - Acuvate

The diverse, broad and hard-to-predict influencing factors in sales, marketing and supply chain make it an ever-changing field.

Advanced Analytics: 4 Simple Steps For Enterprise Adoption - Acuvate

“Data is the new Oil “ is a quote we often hear these days and regardless of the industry, it holds true for every organization. Currently organizations are capturing data from both internal LOB systems like ERP, CRM, HR systems and external sources like Market Research, Syndicated data, Social feeds. etc.

Why a CPG firm’s Business Intelligence Needs AI - Acuvate

This statement rings particularly true for CPG businesses that are typically spread across multiple locations – countries, states, cities, counties and so on. Added to this, CPG enterprises are defined by the inherent diversity and complexity in the 5 Ps of marketing – product, price, promotion, place and people.

A buyer’s guide to choosing the best intranet software - Acuvate

The enterprise collaboration market is estimated to grow from USD 26.68 Billion in 2016 to USD 49.51 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.2%. [Source: Markets and Markets]