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Thing to Know When Eating Japanese Style

Japanese food is some of the most popular food-choices in the world. There's a lot of etiquette regarding this cuisine, so be sure to keep these in mind when enjoying its various incarnations.



The nature and consistency of Japanese rice is very different to other forms of it. This rice is generally quite sticky, which makes it easier to be consumed with chopsticks. Japanese rice is consumed in a small separate bowl, and in a specific manner. One should never put soy sauce or any other accompaniment within the rice. The bowl must be lifted to one's face with one hand, and the rice consumed with chopsticks held by the other.


Curry/Saucy Rice

There can be certain rice dishes that are quite saucy and wet, making them very difficult to be consumed with chopsticks. When it comes to various Donburis, which are mixed rice dishes served in bowls, a spoon is generally provided making it much easier for the consumer.



These thinly sliced pieces of various meats are one of the popular Japanese dishes, and are served with soy sauce and wasabi. The way to consume these elements is by using a small saucer provided to contain the soy sauce and then dipping the sashimi into it with chopsticks. One should never mix wasabi into the soy sauce, and should place a little bit of the prior on to the sashimi slice.



This is the most universally accepted Japanese food, available anywhere in the civilised world, even in any Japanese restaurant Langkawi has to offer in establishments such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The process of eating sushi is very similar to sashimi, involving soy sauce in a separate dish and the sushi being dipped into it. If you're going to add wasabi, only add small amounts since adding too much can be taken as an insult by the chef. The sushi pieces should also always be eaten in a single bite and never cut in two or opened up since they are delicately prepared. It is acceptable for sushi to be eaten by hand. Where Nigiri-Sushi is concerned, be sure to dip the fish part into the soy sauce and not the rice section. The only instance where it is acceptable to pour soy sauce on top is if you're having Gunkan-Sushi.


Miso Soup

Initially, the bowl should be treated as a cup and the broth should be drunk almost like a beverage. Then with use of chop-sticks, one should consume the other components such as the meats and vegetable pieces.



The noodles should essentially be slurped into your mouth with the chopsticks providing ease of passage. Slurping is viewed positively by the Japanese since it is a sign of enjoyment. Be careful in the case of noodle soup since noodles can splash back into the broth. You can make it easy for yourself by consuming some of the broth by placing the bowl to your mouth and drinking from it directly. Sometimes a ceramic spoon will also be provided along with the dish.