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5 Water Activities for Non-swimmers in Maldives – Splendid Ocean Experiences

The lovely Maldives Islands are undoubtedly one of the world's foremost holiday destinations. Even if you are a non-swimmer you will have the opportunity to experience a number of activities here.


Underwater Walking

Despite the fact that the Maldives is renowned for its beaches and variety of water activities that are available for visitors, it also offers a number of engrossing activities that non-swimmers can involve themselves in. One of these is underwater walking which is sure to delight visitors who do not have swimming skills, yet are interested in exploring the underwater environment of the Maldives. Through this activity, you will be able to experience the undersea delights of the Maldives Islands at first hand, as it will enable you to observe fascinating sea creatures at very close range. All that you have to do is to don your oxygen mask and heed the simple directions provided by your instructor.


Banana Boat Riding

Taking a ride on a banana boat is a very simple yet thrilling and enjoyable activity that you can experience in the Maldives. This exciting activity does not require any specialised skills and can, therefore, be enjoyed by almost anyone. Just put on your life jacket, climb aboard the boat and be prepared for an exhilarating trip across the shimmering ocean waters of the Maldives. You will be towed by a motor boat and you may be able to specify the kind of ride that you desire; in other words, whether you desire a gentle ride or one with more demanding twists and turns.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a delightful activity that is sure to appeal to adrenaline lovers who desire a thrilling and satisfying water activity. Many non-swimmers take the opportunity to experience this one of a kind water sport in the idyllic environment of the Maldives Islands. After putting on your life jacket, get ready for a lively and energising ride aboard your obedient water stallion. Those who are new to this entrancing water sport can ride behind an instructor, or take their first steps in piloting a jet ski under the watchful eyes of their instructor. Your loved one or friends can join you in this distinctive adventure.


Glass-bottomed Boats

Taking an enjoyable ride on a glass-bottomed boat is an activity that will appeal to many visitors to the Maldives regardless of their age or preferences. Non-swimmers will have the opportunity to ride a glass-bottomed watercraft on an entertaining trip in the waters of the Indian Ocean on which they will be able to view a spectacular selection of the treasures of the sea. Through the transparent bottom of your boat, you will have the opportunity to observe a myriad of marine creatures and sea plants that are sure to capture your imagination. A choice of accommodation that you can consider from where you can conveniently experience these activities would be Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives which can be considered to be an attractively located Maldives beach resort.


Big Game Fishing

The Maldives Islands are rightfully renowned for the splendid opportunities it provides for fishing enthusiasts. In fact, fishing can be considered to be a mainstay of the Maldivian economy, with many locals being involved in this industry. As you might expect you will find a remarkable selection of attractive fish that you can catch in the waters of the Maldives. You will have the opportunity to snare catches such as tuna, marlin, sailfish, wahoo and a host of other varieties. Since your guides will provide the necessary fish bait, all that you will have to do is to dangle your rod and wait for your prized catch.