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How to use the VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and VINYLUX® Top Coat nail lacquer as a 2 part system

Every nail polish addict loves changing designs and colors as much as possible. But sometimes you just have that favorite color that you would rather rock on your nails for a long time. Or perhaps, you just do not have the time to keep changing and making constant touch ups. We are all too familiar with wanting to keep our nails looking snazzy for just a wee bit more.


Did you know that Essie First Base coat nail treatment is more than just an average base coat?

If you’re looking for a great nail treatment, then Essie” First Base” base coat is an awesome place to start. The formula serves as an adhesive and protection for your nails from breakage and staining. Essie promises that this base coat binds nail polish to nails resulting in less chipping and increased wear. No wonder that their snagline is; “Smoothes and protects nails while adhesion – promoting ingredients help bond polish to the nail surface to resist chipping.” It assists with the fortification of nails too. Read More


The manicure routine that that makes use of CND CUTICLE ERASER® and how to use it with other nail care products

The importance of having well shaped cuticles can never be stressed enough. Not only do they make your nail look deliciously on point, they also prevent any infections occurring on your nail areas. Effectively cleaning up your cuticles need to be done with the utmost care. The well-known secret is to use gentle movements when it comes to cleaning up those little mini art canvasses called nail plates. This is why we decided to put CND CUTICLE ERASER® to the test and were curious about how to use it. Read More


How to use CND Cucumber Heel Therapy to get perfectly healthy heels

When you have dry and cracked heels, it sometimes takes the joy out of your life. Having tired and sore feet is definitely something that you could rectify with a daily 15 minute routine. Our routine will have your feet looking dazzling in a short amount of time. All our steps are suitable for any skin types. The best component is CND Cucumber Heel Therapy and below we show you how to use it to get the best results possible. Read More


The best way to use China Glaze Nail Strengthener and Growth Formula with instructions

We’ve found a vitamin B and wheat protein enriched nail strengthener. By applying this formula, healthy nail growth is promoted. Splitting and cracking are reduced dramatically, after applying this solution. It moisturizers while it works together with a polymer system. Another great aspect is that it is both Toluene and DBP free. This wonder solution is called China Glaze Nail Strengthener & Growth formula and these are the instructions. Read More


Can one manufacturer really create 6 of the best treatment for damaged nails?

We’ve all pushed our nails to the limit and ended up with damaged nails at some point or another. Whether they are damaged due to the application of artificial nails, nail biting or even using them as tools are to name a few of the reasons why they ended up horrifically damaged. We noticed that not all treatments are equal. They’re not equal in price and definitely not equal in their capabilities. This is what sets brands apart when it comes to the best treatment for damaged nails. Read More