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Reasons to Choose Foam Gaskets for Windows and Doors

With the many clear advantages over other products on the market, it’s easy to understand why more door and window systems fabricators are choosing foam gasket seals. Here’s a short list of just some of the benefits of TPE foam gaskets.


Improved memory

Improved memory

Foam gaskets have a greater flexibility and ‘memory’ when compared with more traditional gasket materials, such as PVC. This means foam gasket seals do not rip easily and return to their intended shape after compression, making for a much more efficient weather seal and allowing for smoothly operating windows and doors time and time again.


Increased compression

One of the biggest benefits of self-skinned TPE foam gaskets is that they allow for a higher level of compression than other gasket materials. As a result of the greater compression, foam provides an improved overall performance.


Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

When you compare TPE foam gaskets with other similar products on the market, you will find that foam gasket seals are somewhat more competitively priced given their excellent insulation properties. Therefore, it’s no surprise that foam gasket seals for windows and bi-folding doors are in very high demand.


Easy installation

Foam gaskets allow for simple installation, for example, pioneering new through-colour aluminium bi-fold door foam gaskets provide either slide-in or click-and-fit options for installation. These gaskets are extruded with a rigid foot, which is vital for allowing for efficient installation and prevents any issues around stretching or shrinkage.


Great durability

Great durability

Whilst some gasket systems use a protective skin to protect the foam from weather, through-colour foam gaskets don’t need this extra layer of protection. Should there be any aesthetic damage, this doesn’t show as the colour is consistent, throughout the gasket.


Suitable for common profile systems

Foam gasket products can commonly be used for the most common profiling systems, including Smarts and Sapa, as well as a range of others.


Thermal and sound insulation

Foam gaskets have been found to provide superior thermal properties, helping to keep the warm in and cold air out to improve the energy efficiency of windows and doors. In addition, foam gaskets also provide effective acoustic performance, helping to lessen the ingress of external sound and vice versa.

For more information on the advantages of choosing foam gaskets for windows and door systems, visit or call +44 (0)121 356 8733 to discuss your needs.