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It should come as no wonder that Google is the biggest peer into search engine world for online shoppers, but what you may not be sensible of is the occurrence that Google is actually a shopping platform itself, and a fair big one at that – it is believed to procreate around $5 billion once a year from more than 25 thousands sellers.

All You Need to Know About eCommerce Trust Marks

The effectiveness of trust marks on e-commerce sites depends on customer recognition of the logo, meaning that they are almost useless if you use a lesser known provider. Stats from Actual Insights suggest that just a handful of trust mark logos are actually recognized by consumers.

How Trueview Discovery Ads Show Up Across YouTube & Partner

TrueView video ads give YouTube viewers the ability to choose which video ads they want to watch and when – meaning you won’t pay for unwanted views.

Keeping Your Customers Happy at the Same Time as Your Accountant – Part 2

Your relationship with the customer starts right from the listings and the product, through processing and dispatch of the item, how well the items are packaged, the courier you choose. Somebody will complain however – Someone ALWAYS complains.

Preparing for the Months to Come

Are you using Linnworks? If so, this is a great time to start using their batch functionality to help you with stock organisation and distribution – Each batch has a stock level and a BinRack location for picking in the same Warehouse Location.

eBusiness Guru Run Their First Linnworks Workshop

These workshops create an opportunity to meet Linnworks users and share some of experience, and to help keep the community as strong and vibrant as ever.

How to Find Best-Selling Products on Amazon When Selling With Linnworks

The common method of identifying opportunities in both cases involves the Amazon Best Sellers Page- A sellers list which provides you with the top 100 best-selling products in any given category or sub-category. This is an effective way of identifying which products are currently hot on the online market.

How Multi-Channel Marketing Help Your Business?

Multi-channel Marketing is becoming an important technique by which potential customers of other platforms have an ability to interact. It is the common channel by which various different products could be promoted.

Facebook Marketing Do's and Don'ts [Infographic]

The Facebook audience is getting more and more crowded as its user base continues to grow. This is great news if Facebook Ads are being used because this means more people that can be targeted.

Marketplace Customer Success Case Study: Mainly Coats, Privalia

Privalia is a platform for fashion brands and retailers specializing in flash sales and buy by category. It organizes short, single-category campaigns lasting between 3 and 5 days where registered members are invited to shop via an email message and mobile alerts.

EBay Webstore Design Tips

eBay is one the biggest stores on the internet with annual revenue in billions-dollar. Ebay is not just online store it is much more, people are buying from ebay because of their trust-value and satisfaction arena.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento Platforms for Ecommerce

Magento is the most useful and powerful eCommerce platform, which is changing the face of online shopping forever in the world. Following are the top 10 reasons to choose magento platforms for e-commerce.

Linnworks India is a cloud based Multi-Channel Inventory and Order management Software solution that helps online merchants to build and manage their online business to grow exponentially.

UI and UX – Why do you need them?

When selling online from your own site or store, you'll come across the terms 'UI' and 'UX'. What do they mean, and why should you worry about them?

Why Magento Development Is the Foremost Choice For Ecommerce Business

When it comes to eCommerce development, Magento is the first word that comes in everyone’s mind. In fact, the eCommerce development platform, Magento is the foremost choice because it is reliable and flexible for all.

Drop Shipping: Is it right for my eCommerce business?

What is drop shipping & is it right for my business? Reasons to consider drop shipping as a strategy for growth as a supplier & as an ecommerce seller

Reasons to sell through Groupon & how to approach selling on Groupon to help you grow your eCommerce profits across E...

You may not think of yourself as a bargain hunter, but you’re sure to be aware of Groupon and their daily deal emails, where companies could list offers to draw customers to their business with exclusive deals.

Five Tips for Sellers New to Groupon Goods

Just started selling on Groupon or looking into it? Find out 5 ways to avoid common pitfalls and how to maximize your Groupon eCommerce profits across Europe.

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