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Headline for Agile Marketing - The Learning Channel
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Agile Marketing - The Learning Channel

There's a lotta talk about agile, and the most common question is how do I get started? As an outcome of SprintZero in June 2012, where phase one of the Agile Marketing Manifesto was created, there was a commitment to help educate others about Agile - the benefits, how to get started, and case studies. The Agile Marketing Learning Channel will start to address these interests and inquiries. Wanna chat about Agile? Contact: OR.. add one of your own. Make it real!

Agile Marketing 101 - Jim Ewel

Jim Ewel reviews some of the basic processes for implementing Agile Marketing. His Marketing 101 discussion will help viewers to put a framework around a new...

Agile Marketing - the Iterative marketing platform - Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff was an early adopter of Agile Marketing and has a lot to show for it. He is always willing to trying new things, and is also quite willing to fail for the sake of progress. He is, however, unwilling to fail at the same thing twice!

Agile marketing & the Art of the Sprint - Parker Trewin

Parker Trewin is the Director of Global Communications at Mindjet. His understanding of how companies can organize teams and projects with Agile Marketing wi...

Agile Marketing - Brad Farris, Thoughts about getting started

With a management consulting background and the ability to help creative services firms to optimize their efforts and be better organized with the right miss...

Agile Marketing Conversation - Sam Stern on How to Get Started for Agencies

Sam Stern discusses how his Agency intends to implement Agile Marketing. He first learned about Agile from one of his clients.

Agile: Scrum Secrets and Kanban - Andy Stitt

Recently certified as a scrum master, Andy describes the basics of backlog, sprints, epics, and user stories.

Agile Marketing Enthusiast - Sage Advice from Travis Arnold

Travis Arnold has been implementing Agile Marketing for 4 1/2 years. A great conversation