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Weird Museums in Bangkok – Entrancing and Amazing Visitor Highlights

The bustling city of Bangkok is always a captivating metropolis to explore. It also features a number of weird museums that are sure to enthral and perhaps amaze the curious sightseer.


Bangkok Forensic Museum

This intriguing museum is sure to capture the imagination of the visitor who enjoys strange and unusual exhibits. Here you will find a remarkable selection of eerie and even somewhat disturbing features that are sure to make an impression on the visitor. In the anatomy section, you will see exhibits like baby and adult bodies which have been preserved in formaldehyde for countless years; visitors will see that some of the bodies are grotesquely deformed. Another section displays human organs which have become infested with various parasites. Another room is filled with an extensive collection of malformed foetuses. The old, creaky and dusty building in which the museum is located adds to the ominous atmosphere.


The Human Body Museum

As its name indicates this museum provides visitors with the opportunity to gain a genuine understanding of the complex human body. Here you will be able to observe a deceased body at first hand which will be an opportunity rarely found elsewhere. Visitors will even have the chance to hold a real human brain in order to realize its considerable weight. On the other hand, the interior of the museum is so clean and spotless that these unusual exhibits hardly seem disturbing. You will find no less than 14 individual bodies that have been cut, skinned or sliced so that the nervous system, muscles, bones and organs can be seen.


Thai Labour Museum

This comparatively unknown establishment will be an interesting experience for the discerning visitor who appreciates unusual museums. This engrossing museum relates an important story that is sometimes shocking and sad. Although Thailand today seems to be an easygoing and laidback nation, the situation in the country was rather different in times gone by. Like in many developing nations, the workers of Thailand in times past only had few rights and were exploited. Due to these reasons on a number of occasions the workers rebelled and rose up against their oppressors. You will find a number of display chambers within this museum which depict the development of the labour movements and their quest for just treatment.


Batman Museum

This light-hearted and enjoyable museum is sure to capture the imagination of everyone with an interest in the comic book superheroes who have been brought to life in the numerous related movies. You will have the opportunity to observe the original version of Batman and other well-known superheroes like Captain America and the inimitable Iron Man attired in his futuristic suit. Taking pride of place at this establishment is Batman, with an entire room devoted to this iconic character. You will notice toys, action figures, books, costumes, board games and many other items related to this superhero. As you experience these engrossing museums a choice of accommodation that you could consider would be serviced suites in Bangkok such as those offered by the conveniently located Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites.


The House of Museums

This entertaining and rather nostalgic museum displays a host of typical and now quaint-seeming objects that were in popular use during the sixties. Many Thais, particularly those born during this decade frequent this one of a kind museum during the weekends. You will see that each of the floors within this museum features its own speciality, such as an electronics shop with huge TV sets and phones, a cinema and a classroom. Perhaps the most striking exhibit is a replica of a dentist's establishment including the painful instruments used by dentists at the time.