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10 Best Festivals in Thailand – Attend the Diverse Festivals at Land of Smiles

Thailand, a country with a very rich culture is one of the most loved travel locations. This vibrant culture has a variety of festivals that take place throughout the year.


The Songkran water festival

April is the month that the people of Thailand celebrate the dawn of the new solar year and welcome the summer. If you are in Thailand during this time be ready to be splashed and soaked with water anywhere you go. The festival takes place for around five days and the main purpose of this is to bless each other for the coming year.


The Ghost festival

Phi Ta Khon or the ghost festival is a three day event that takes place in Dan Sai. This spiritual Buddhist festival usually happens between the months of March and July. On the first day people dress up in vibrant colour costumes and masks that are painted to look like ghosts. On day two sky rockets are launched and people dance away to music enjoying every bit of it. The third day is reserved for religious activities where people listen to sermons about Lord Buddha


Lantern Festival

The magical lantern festival takes place in Chiang Mai each year. The light breeze carries away thousands and thousands of beautifully lit paper sky lanterns to the dark skies creating a mesmerising sight.


Rocket festival

From the ancient days, people of Thailand have been celebrating the rocket festival. This festival revolves around the belief that the gods would hear the sounds of the rockets and would bless the people with rain water for their planting season. Music and dancing is a major part of this celebration as well


Buffalo racing festival

This festival has been annually celebrated for over a century by the people of Chonburi. Considered as one of the must see events while in Thailand. It is amazing to see these large animals racing at quite a remarkable speed. The ample amount of food stalls, music and dance makes the event more vibrant and makes it a memory that lasts a life time.


Lopburi Monkey Banquet

One of the most unusual and must see festivals in Thailand is the Monkey Banquet festival. A feast including food and drinks are laid on tables for the monkeys; it is a messy affair but is something that is fascinating to watch.


Vegetarian Festival

Men and women pierce and mortify themselves during this festival in order to receive blessings from the gods. The participants are in a trance when they take part in these rituals. Celebrated in Phuket every October, there are many who come to witness this event. Vegetarian food will be sold during this time.


Wonderfruit Festival

A magical festival with the best music and entertainment is a must attend event for anyone at any age. The food, workshops, adventure activities and much more which are included in the event teaches people to live and celebrate life to the fullest


Chinese New Year

One of the other things to do in Bangkok if you are holidaying at one of the hotels there such as Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is to take part in the celebrations of the Chinese New Year. Decorations, attire and everything will mostly be in red during the festival time. The dragon parade is something that the visitors should witness, make sure you wear something red when attending the festivities.


Candle Festival

A Buddhist religious festival where candles are carved by teams of artists as a merit offering to the monks who will be inside the temples during the rainy season. Dances dressed traditionally go along in a beautiful parade where the beautifully carved candles are carried on floats