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10 Apps for All Grades

This is a list of ten apps and websites that are great for classroom use. These will assist with learning from as young as kindergarten all the way through college!




This is a augmented reality tool that combines physical reality with augmented reality. You print out pictures from online and then have students color them in. Once they've done this, they hold a device with the quiver app on it over their drawing and the drawing comes to life on the screen appearing as a 3-D image.

Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales is a way to create stories through digital technology. It allows a myriad of media forms (i.e. photos, video, drawings, voice-overs) to be uploaded to create the perfect story. You can then share your story on social media.


This is a storytelling app that has pre-made backdrops and characters that you can place however you'd like. The characters can be moved and arranged as the story plays out with a voice over on top. This would be a great tool to use for digital storytelling or could be used to recreate things from history as a "show what you know" tool!


Duolingo is an app and a web based tool that teaches you foreign languages of your choosing at your own pace. This app is completely free and it gives you mini-lessons to help further your language skills. Each lesson focuses on a different word or a different grammar technique and there is a mixture of reading, writing, and speaking the language you are learning to be able to fully grasp the language.


Popplet is a mind-mapping tool that allows you to easily create graphic organizers that are easy to follow and very kid friendly! You can draw, add photos, add maps, make videos, and organize them into a cohesive and easy to follow map. You can also use this as a presentation tool to show your thoughts to others. It is a collaborative tool so groups can all work on it at the same time so it's great for group projects!




Nearpod is a lesson library. It allows you to create your own lessons using any form of presentation tool you would like and then it allows you to share your lessons with your students. There are two paces for going through each lesson, student paced or live lesson/teacher paced. Student pace allows students to work through the lesson at their own speed where teacher pace or live lesson gives the teacher full control over how fast or slow the students move through the lesson. There is also the ability to add virtual reality into your lessons to supplement their learning!

Seesaw: The Learning Journal

This is an e-classroom and is a great way to keep things organized. Students and teachers both can upload work to a safe closed classroom. The teacher can leave comments for the students to see and can leave private comments that only they can see. Parents can also see the great work their student's are doing through the parent app, Seesaw Parent Access.


Quizizz is a web based program that has an accompanying student app that allows you to create multiple choice quizzes for your students. It is competitive but randomizes the questions for each student so students sitting next to each other don't have the same questions at the same time! Bonus: When the student answers a question, right or wrong, a funny meme pops up!

Explain Everything

This is an interactive whiteboard that is great for panning ahead or pulling it up in a quick activity during a lesson. You can record a lesson on it for the students to watch and students can also create their own videos. It is also helpful because you can pull up the internet on the teacher computer and the whole class will be able to see what you are trying to show them. It also has a one-on-one feature to help struggling students.


This is both a website and app that allows you to create videos for your students to watch. Throughout the video, you can add in questions that the student has to answer correctly in order to continue on with the video. It grades it right on the screen and the grade book shows the teacher who has watched the whole video and who has not. This would be extremely useful in a flipped classroom to help the students learn the material at home to apply in the classroom.