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Top 5 Water Sports to Do in Bentota – Thrills and Spills in the Water

The coastal town of Bentota offers a number of attractions for the visitor. Amongst these are a host of water sports that are sure to capture the imagination of the adventurous visitor.


Jet Skiing

What could be more fun than piloting your personal water craft on the shimmering waters of Bentota? Jet skiing is a water sport that is relatively easy to learn and is sure to appeal to the excitement loving visitor. The balmy climate, warm sun and gleaming waters of this part of Sri Lanka make it a delightful environment to experience the thrills of jet skiing. If you are a novice to this enthralling water sport you may start slowly as you gain experience in jet skiing; more seasoned experts will have the opportunity to execute advanced manoeuvres as they skim across the waters on these powerful watercrafts.


Scuba Diving

Bentota is well-known as a recognised diving destination and offers outstanding opportunities for diving enthusiasts. You will find that the dive locations to be found in the environs of Bentota feature attractive rock formations as well as sponges and appealingly coloured corals. Irrespective of whether you are an experienced seasoned diver or a novice in this activity you will find dive sites around Bentota that match your ability levels. Divers will encounter excellent visibility in these waters as well as very gentle currents or none at all. You will find a host of interesting undersea attractions here including crabs, nudibranchs and eels in addition to the larger sea creatures who can sometimes be spotted here.



Windsurfing is a water activity that may not be the easiest to learn, but when mastered provides a great deal of satisfaction for the enthusiast. Bentota is renowned as a great locality for windsurfers, offering excellent conditions for the sport. It is generally recognised that the windsurfing season in this part of Sri Lanka extends from the month of November through April. The beautiful scenery and splendid environment for the sport in Bentota are sure to delight windsurfing aficionados. The waves and surf to be found at Bentota also contribute to making it a true paradise for windsurfers.



Wakeboarding is another popular water sport that can be readily enjoyed in the environs of Bentota. In wakeboarding, the rider is towed by a motorboat whilst riding a wakeboard, which is the name given to the small, usually rectangular board used in the sport. Wakeboarding was created employing the skills used in other sports such as snowboarding, waterskiing and surfing. The waters bordering Bentota can be regarded as a good environment for wakeboarding, offering picturesque surroundings and pleasant weather for the sport. Gliding serenely across the water on a wakeboard is sure to be an exciting experience. An accommodation choice that you can consider from which you can enjoy these fun water sports would be AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, which may be regarded as a conveniently located resort in Bentota.


Banana Boating

This thrilling and enjoyable water sport will be accessible to many as it does not require specialised skills or techniques. All that you have to do is don your life jacket, climb aboard the banana boat and hang on. According to your preferences, the captain of the boat towing the banana boat will execute twists and turns whilst the riders do their best to hang on and avoid being thrown into the waters. If you are thrown into the water it is part of the banana boating experience! Anyone who enjoys adrenaline-inducing excitement and fun will be enthralled by the experience of banana boating.

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