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Top 5 watersports in Mauritius

The island nation of Mauritius is always an interesting place to visit. In Mauritius, you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of exciting water sports that will delight the active visitor.



Parasailing is always an enjoyable water sport to experience in Mauritius. Parasailing will provide you with a remarkable aerial view of the idyllic surroundings that you will find in this island nation. Providing the participant with an exhilarating and unique thrill that is quite unlike the sensation you will experience in any other water sport, parasailing is a great choice for the excitement seeker. On your parasailing excursion, you will find yourself secluded amidst the vast expanses of the shimmering ocean, with only the tropical skies above to keep you company. A parasailing trip will typically last between five minutes to as long as fifteen minutes, and it is sure to become a memory to treasure.


Cave Sea Kayaking

Kayaking is a relaxing and agreeable water sport that almost anyone can experience in Mauritius. A simple and uncomplicated activity, kayaking will provide you with hours of enjoyable and rewarding exercise. In Mauritius, you will have the opportunity to explore various fascinating caves and islands which are sure to capture the imagination of the kayaker. As they paddle through the waters visitors will encounter interesting features like beautiful rock gardens composed of basalt and mysterious rocky caves that will entrance them. Visitors will be able to choose from a single or a twin kayak according to their personal preferences.


Water Skiing

Water skiing is a demanding and challenging water sport that is sure to appeal to the active visitor to Mauritius. This thrilling and adrenaline-inducing water sport may not be the easiest to learn, but once mastered provides excitement and satisfaction like few others. Water skiing may be regarded as one of the most rewarding water sports that is sure to capture the imagination of the fun-loving individual. The sunny island nation of Mauritius provides a splendid environment for water skiing, with the picturesque surroundings and tropical climate adding to the fun. A choice of accommodation that you could consider from where this water sport can be conveniently enjoyed would be InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort, which can be regarded as one of the accessibly located Mauritius 5 star resorts.



Windsurfing is another well-known and popular water sport that will undoubtedly capture the interest of the active leisure seeker. Windsurfing in Mauritius is sure to be a captivating and rewarding experience, with the clear sunny skies and balmy weather adding to the attractions. Beginners can commence their experience with this sport by learning how to control their acceleration, speed and direction by controlling the sail. In Mauritius, you will have the opportunity to learn the ropes of this enthralling water sport from seasoned experts with a great deal of experience in this distinctive activity. In addition to being great fun, windsurfing is also a good exercise that will contribute to the good health of the participant.


Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is a relaxing and undemanding activity that is sure to appeal to the visitor who desires a sport that is uncomplicated and not too tiring. On the other hand, deep sea fishing is an exciting adventure as you head out into the vast expanses of the ocean in your quest to catch some prize fish. Mauritius is a delightful locality for this one of a kind water activity that almost anyone can enjoy. In addition to being agreeable fun, this water sport will also provide you with a tasty meal as you can grill and savour your day's catch at the conclusion of your fishing excursion.