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Must-See Waterfalls in Sri Lanka – Highlights for the Nature Lover

The island nation of Sri Lanka is renowned for its abundant natural treasures. Amongst these are a host of picturesque waterfalls that are sure to capture the imagination of the nature lover.


Baker's Falls

The splendid Baker's Falls is considered to be one of Sri Lanka's most famous waterfalls. This picturesque natural wonder is situated within the expansive Horton Plains National Park in an eye-catching setting. Baker's Falls measures 20 m in height and presents a magnificent sight for the visitor. These falls are also regarded as being one of the broadest waterfalls that can be found in the island nation; you will see that these falls create a number of streams as it cascades down. It is better to visit this striking natural wonder in the dry season, as during the wet season the waterfall, as well as the path that leads to it, becomes somewhat risky.


Rawana Ella

This is another breathtaking waterfall that will undoubtedly strike the interest of the visitor. As this waterfall is regarded as being one of the most popular in the nation, you will often find several other visitors at this site. Rawana Ella is regarded as being a waterfall of outstanding width and presents a splendid sight during the rainy season when it is at its most magnificent. On the other hand, the volume of water cascading down becomes substantially less during the dry season. Meanwhile, there is another waterfall with a similar name – Rawana Falls – situated somewhat above the first waterfall which is also a major attraction. A choice of accommodation that you can consider from which the latter waterfall, as well as other places to visit in Bandarawela, can be conveniently accessed would be the pleasingly located Bandarawela Hotel.


Bopath Ella

The distinctive Bopath Ella is considered to be a unique natural attraction in Sri Lanka that is highly esteemed by discerning sightseers. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this waterfall is its distinctive shape; local residents consider that the waterfall takes the shape of a leaf of the sacred bo tree as it descends. This unique phenomenon is created by the waters of the falls flowing through two rocks that are positioned close to each other, before widening into a magnificent cascade. Although these falls have a splendid appearance it is not suitable for swimming as the local conditions are rather dangerous.


Dunhinda Waterfall

The renowned Dunhinda Falls can be regarded as being one of Sri Lanka's loveliest waterfalls. Unlike some other waterfalls in the island nation, Dunhinda is comparatively easy to reach. Numerous visitors, both local and foreign regularly frequent this eye-catching wonder of nature. This waterfall is also famous for the remarkable misty spray created by the cascading force of the waterfall. This spectacular waterfall features a height of no less than 64 m as it flows majestically on its breathtaking course.


St. Clair's Falls

This remarkable waterfall is a feature of nature that is sure to remain in the memory of the observer. In fact the shape of this waterfall has been likened to the mighty Niagara Falls itself, and is popularly referred to as Sri Lanka's 'Little Niagara'. Regarded as being one of the island's most awesome waterfalls, St. Clair's presents a jaw-dropping sight for the visitor. This waterfall derives its name from a tea plantation that is located in its proximity. This waterfall is located amidst attractive surroundings that will capture the imagination of the visitor.

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